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Announcement of the 12th Month!



(This last calendar had been posted with incorrect data, sorry for any inconvenience…Study to show your self approved!)

Over the years I’ve heard many times, “That lunar sabbath stuff is to complicated!”, I even had one brother say to me, “Sounds like you need to be a minor astronomer to keep your sabbath?”.  I understand their frustration, and many of us were there once, but it’s important to remember it’s because we are raised in a pagan system that makes YHWH’s Heavenly perfection personified by His Law unknown to us.

Consider the equation it takes to determine what days of the Gregorian month ‘Sunday sabbath’ occurred at any year in history?

Follow the same logic the author below uses to find what day of the week his birth day was on in 1953!

This was taken from the Calendars FAQ, by Claus Tondering claus@tondering.dk with numerous contributions by others.

What day of the week was 2 August 1953?
To calculate the day on which a particular date falls, the following
algorithm may be used (the divisions are integer divisions, in which
remainders are discarded):

a = (14 – month) / 12
y = year – a
m = month + 12*a – 2
For Julian calendar: d = (5 + day + y + y/4 + (31*m)/12) mod 7
For Gregorian calendar: d = (day + y + y/4 – y/100 + y/400 + (31*m)/12) mod 7

The value of d is 0 for a Sunday, 1 for a Monday, 2 for a Tuesday, etc.

Example: On what day of the week was the author born?

My birthday is 2 August 1953 (Gregorian, of course).

a = (14 – 8) / 12 = 0
y = 1953 – 0 = 1953
m = 8 + 12*0 – 2 = 6
d = (2 + 1953 + 1953/4 – 1953/100 + 1953/400 + (31*6)/12) mod 7
= (2 + 1953 + 488 – 19 + 4 + 15 ) mod 7
= 2443 mod 7
= 0

The Author was born on a Sunday.

That was easy right? The Gregorian system is so much easier for the common man, or is it?

So, here is the other question regarding a lunar based Sabbath from the Bible:

What day was the Sabbath 1000 years ago?

1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th and  some months the 30th… Throughout all time!

Minor astronomer or expert in mathematical equations..  you pick?

Can’t fake it, you’ve gotta believe it…

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork… The Law of YHWH is perfect… Psalm 19


If you are interested in the complicated nature of this subject please consider Bro. Jerry Wickey’s excellent resources which use similar calculations at http://jerrywickey.com/calendar/testdayweek.php

And His App for a pre-calculated mathematic Hebrew calendar his genius created for us to consider at: http://jerrywickey.com/calendar/#now


The Heavenly System, Perfect and easy to think about!

If you’d rather not use such complicated ways to know how time has elapsed, consider the Heavenly system we have just announced, as it always causes the Sabbaths or week ends to fall the same numbered days every month!

For those who do not have a working understanding by the lights of the heavens as a working calendar, be patient, pray and study and read below:

Remember, The New Moon is the Head or Beginning Sabbath in every month, being the Renewal or cHoDeSh of the Worship Schedule, it is to be proclaimed so as to be Remembered or Memorialized  according to Numbers 10:10 (consider the LXX)  in direct connection to the 4th commandment  in Ex 20:8-9 in it’s Command to “Remember the Sabbath day” after the commanded “six days” of work and /or labor.

So, the reason for the posting of the gregorian date 3/6/2019AD above the New Moon is to allow even those who have not yet grasped the system to link it to the heathen calendar they are use to and watch the Heavens take over.

Six days after the day of the 1st day of the month / The New Moon will be the Sabbath: This month the New Moon and Sabbaths will be on the day pagans called ‘wednesday’ ( that is Woden’s day – the English spelling of Odin, the Norse all-father god). And as all sabbath systems, this rest happens every 7th day after the Commanded intervals of six (6) working days, this occurs through out the Moonth till the last sabbath of the month happens directly beside and in conjunction with the New Moon’s happening again in the month to come, this means that every New Moon is directly linked to the seventh day, sabbath day of holy convocation as a prolonged ‘week end’ at the end and beginning of every month, designed by YHWH for special worship and assembly. Every month the prior described system will repeat with only one variation, that is if the Sabbath at the end of the month contains 1 day or 2 days as part of the needed and intrinsic cHoDeSh – Renewal of the schedule to happen again.


I hope this information is helpful, any questions? Feel free to Contact us with questions!

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