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Calendar help images and a word on giving and 2021

You will find the monthly reckonings of the New Moon based sabbath according to the phases of the moon in 2 different formats… Continue reading

9th Moonth Bible Study Schedule with a NEW Gregorian calendar aid!

Sorry for the delay, on the internet front. A special notice for those who keep up with our Sabbath Bible Studies our New Schedule is up below, This Month starting with this midwinter changing of the Year from 2020 to 2021, we have chose to start listing a Gregorian Calendar, which will : Offer a different understanding of how the New Moon based Sabbath corresponds to the modern Gregorian calendar most folks are used to using in the West. Give the dates of bible study for the weeks and months to come to help folks know when we are meeting … Continue reading

Blessed and Happy Ingathering 2020

With this festival time of thanksgiving it is important to remember how good the LORD is and how His mercy truly endures unto all generations of those who keep His Covenant in and through the person of Jesus Christ. Continue reading

A Contemplation on the up and coming Day of the Atonements

Greetings Brothers and Sisters, For contemplation on the up and coming Day of the Atonements (יום הכפרים / YuM H’KiPiRIM) for those abroad keeping the Fast and Sabbath day with us it is recommend that you listening to a very important message about the nature of ‘Atonement’ and where a Christians heart and mind should be on this God ordained solemn day, which will occur according to the lunar month current for us from Oct 25th at evening with stars appearing unto the 26th at evening stars appearing. Pt. 14 By Understanding The Day of The Atonements (By Christ’s Priesthood) … Continue reading