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Announcement of the 11th Agricultural month of SeBaT / שׁבט

Here is the printable calendar of the up and coming 11th New Moon named SeBaTh (שׁבט). Continue reading

Announcement of the 10th Agricultural & Heavenly Month of teBeth

  Greeting from RNCM! Below is the image of the predicted 10th agricultural an biblically attested to Month of teBeth. Did you KNOW??? cHoDeSh TeBeTh  (חדשׁ טבת /see: Est 2:16) literally means ‘the Month of Being Housed ‘, it is a safe bet that this is because of the winter time of the year (even in the Mediterranean middle east it is a bit brisk), and so it is presumed that this is the intrinsic name of this 10th New Moon in relationship to the agricultural year. YOU will find information like this as well as other historical and biblical … Continue reading

Announcement of the 9th Agricultural Month- Merry Sabbat and a Happy New Moon!

Remember to support our work if you want to continue to see more free offering like the monthly calendar. Continue reading

Announcement of 8th month and Sabbath Bible Study this New Moon

Announcement of the 8th Month / the MOON of BUL Continue reading

Announcement for this week of The Feast of Tabernacles / The Feast of Ingathering

  Kindred in Christ, RNCM is away from the computer desk this week in realistic observation of the week’s Feast of Tabernacles /Feast of Ingathering. We will not be posting any messages on the 15th of this moon or on the 22nd of this moon for Sabbath Bible Study this 7th Agricultural month. But we will be back on line starting with the 29th of this moon’s Sabbath Bible Study! Blessings upon the Israel of God, ReNewed Covenant Ministry   Below is this months calendar for the observation of New Moon, Sabbath, and festival days.