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Moonths of the year 2018 for Calendar understanding Help

Every Lunar Month is affixed to the Gregorian calendar system by the date above the New Moon for ES Time and the Pagan day names below.

After that you have determined the 1st day of the lunar month (New Moon Sabbath), you simply have 6 working days and then the Sabbath every 7th day regularly thereafter falling near the sign of the moon phase shown on the calendar chart! At the end of every Moonth the 29th day, which is the last 7th day of the month, begins the Feast of the New Moon which lasts until the end of the 1st day of the Next following Moonth (29th +30th + 1st or 29th + 1st= Feast of New Moon)

See list of 3 months below, remember the Modern Gregorian numeric date is listed above the New Moon Sabbath of the 1st day of the Moonth (Grego. d-a-te)

DO you see how the Pagan day names move the sabbath according to the modern calendars reckoning of weekly days? This is because the New Moon seems as if it changes the Sabbath from our modern mind set, but it doesn’t. Rather the Signs of Light in the Heavens are the immovable creations of YHWH GOD, and the way man names and number days is relative to our learning…just ask how you know how many days are in July or any pseudo-month of the Pagan year? You couldn’t figure it out by nature, nor could you know when a sunday or saturday occurred in time.

YHWH’s lights are Real time, anything not reckoned by them is relative!

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