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For those who feel served by the content found at

ReNEWed Covenant Ministry, offered by JS Lowther .

Every Sabbath a Study is prepared to offer insight and admonishment for the Christian Life.


Giving credence to the holistic Gospel Message from the Word of God and His relevance to the Israel of God.

Using systematic Theology to ascertain right answers for Christian Life in a Wicked and Evil World in need of Reform.

Delving into Biblically Realistic Application of YHWH God’s Law in the modern day as the Israel of God faces the choice offered to every Generation…

Good or Evil?       Blessing or Curse?      Life or Death?

Listen every:


New Moon 1st daylastcrlink

First Quarter 8thfirstquarterlink


Full Moon 15th dayfullmoonlink

Last Quarter 22nd daylastquarterlink


Last Crescent 29th daylastcrlink


Of every Heavenly ‘Moonth’ through out the YEAR With

ReNEWed Covenant Ministry!

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If you are wondering or interested in the lunar weekly Sabbath: Please listen to the Message What is Time?

 What is Time? is an in depth Realistic, historic and, most importantly, Biblical understanding of why the modern Gregorian Catholic Calendar is seated on Paganism and not a Biblical Faith; as well this Message shows why and how the ‘Lunar’ Sabbath is the Realistic Sabbath of both Scripture and Today, insomuch as it can not be changed being not derived from man, thus it is Heavenly and Eternal controlled by GOD alone as part of his personal time piece!

(All respect given to those who do not agree due to founded biblical reasoning and conviction while not in agreement)


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