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True Reformation pt.9: He that Believeth Not is Condemned Already (SBS 3-29-2018) (John 3:16-4:1)

JS LOWTHER, July 12, 2018
Part of the True Reformation series, preached at a Sabbath service

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When the Spirit of God from Heaven moved upon the Waters of the Earth what did it first call? LIGHT, and from that first action moving the Waters by the breath of the Word of God light shined, and darkness and void was dispelled, chaos was changed to life. As it was so shall it evermore be, Earthly men desire darkness, that their dark deeds be hidden, men love chaos and confusion because it keeps them unaccountable to an orderly standard of righteousness contrary to the will of God ordered by his Word and ordained for His Kingdom! When any part of us repulses a word of God, even the most obscure part of God's Law, that repulse and rejection is the Evidence to this Fact. As well ones desistance from Obedience to conform to the Word of God is Fact to the matter.

If you ever thought John 3:16 was a fluffy loving verse, cotton candy bible lullaby music you obviously over looked the entire context of this total lesson, that all who are with out Christ and Faith in his Kingdom ARE GOD DAMNED ALREADY!

Albeit, Rom 8:1-6: There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

Tags: baptism, condemnation, deeds law, faith, god's law, john 3:16, salvation, systematic theology, theology, torah, works, YHWH

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