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Listen to and study with JS Lowther on subjects pertaining to Biblical Reality, as well as other ministers on Biblical topics relevant to the New Covenant Christian Life.



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Answers from the Pentateuch Pt. 6 - Gen 3 : Curse & Sorrow (6-22-18-sbs) ()

Part of the Answers from the Pentateuch series, preached at a SABBATH BIBLE STUDY service

Is $1.00 per message too much from our regular listeners?
NO ONE IS LOOKING TO GET RICH, but we are looking to: afford needed equipment and software to expand our Kingdom out reach and help with expenses...if you think it's worth it?

Again a manifestation of the knowledge acquired is being used, and yet it all the more condemns by the shift of guilt in opposition of the truth, that the Man was responsible for the actions of his Woman, which as we had pointed our prior he was given and proclaimed as 'bone of MY bone, and flesh of MY flesh', so in this statement or deposition Adam is recorded as reversing the roles of that order: notice The Woman you gave me...she gave me..., here is a reversal of order, and at that Adam makes God the author of the problem in his estimation, as well the statement makes the woman the dominant one in this estimation, as if God gave the Woman to give things to Adam rather than to help Adam as the original order was set, that Adam was head under God and then the Woman under Adam. But here we have the first argument against the Perfect Word of God, using supposition to make void the original order, similar to what we have in Christianity today in the logic used to abrogate the Law of God by use of later epistles not founded on the Law for it's original context, here is it's first use, in Adam's attempt to use God's Word as to his giving of a Woman to him to defeated the original logic as to what woman was made for: a Help mate, and help implies the one being helped as the object of the mate's purpose...this is long and exhaustive way to say just go back and read it for what it says!

Tags: , atonment, Christ, covetous, devil, diabolos, god's law, knowledge of good and evil, naked, original sin, prudent, satan, seed line, seed of woman, serpent, serpent seed, systematic theology, theonomy, word of God

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