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pt. 8 A Testimony of Cain and Abel (Gen 4:1-10) (Genesis 4:1-10)

JS LOWTHER- RNCM, January 13, 2019
Part of the Answers from the Pentateuch series, preached at a SABBATH BIBLE STUDY service

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IF we have sown unto you spiritual things,
Is it a great thing if we shall reap your carnal things? 1Corinthians 9:11
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Coming back to some foundational epistemology from the five books of Moses called the Pentateuch! Looking and giving an Answer for our Faith in the Word of YHWH GOD as the only source for instruction in righteousness ever given to man.
In this Sabbath Bible Study for the 8th day of the 10th moonth we mine through the text of Gen 4:1-10. Many very important answers come out of the text, as to how the beauty of procreation is seen in the conception of Cain; along with seeing the first worship of YHWH according to the heavenly pattern which was part of the degenerating nature Adam being lost as they removed further from the Garden of Eden; as well as how the witness of faith divides acceptance from sin, and how this concept of the biblical testimony as being definative as to what the nature of sin is as seen and expressed so early in scripture with the account of Cain and Abel worship of YHWH showing the gift given as only a relative object testifying of each brothers faith.

Tags: abel, apologetics, cain, epistemology, faith, first festival, firstfruits, offering, righteousness, sin, sytematic theology, testimony, witness

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