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Family ecclesiology 2 - Created unto Good Works Before Ordained in Numbers? ()

JS LOWTHER, February 23, 2019
Part of the Hephzibite Messages series, preached at a Hephzibite Kingdom Family Camp service

This is the 3rd message delivered from Bro. Joshua at our mid-west Hephzibite Kingdom Family Camp, again the first message is lacking from the recordings.
In this message Bro. Joshua leads the mechanism of Grace through Faith into the life of the Church member as one who is created in Christ as YHWH GOD's workmanship unto the good works and wisdom before ordained in the Torah / Law of GOD as the inheiritance of Israel as a cultural people.

These good works are deeply imbedded in the operation of God's revealed wisdom which comes from His Law, as to how He disires His church to look and function as a bodily ecclesia fit for governing.
In these series of messages only the tip of the Churches Familial order is shown, but with Faith in the Word of God the continued study becomes more easily seen in our families personal considereation.

Tags: 5th commandment, Bishops, church, church government, crowns of grace, ecclesia, Elders, episcope, families, family ecclesiology, fathers, grace through faith unto good works, grand-fathers, Heads, kindred, mothers, numbers, old men, tribes

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