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Pt. 1 Why Can't We Have Community ? (Forsaking Sola Scriptura) (1 Kings 11:1-12:33)

JS LOWTHER- RNCM, December 18, 2019
Part of the Things to think about series, preached at a SABBATH BIBLE STUDY service

This is a message given to a sister Church fellowship away from the Home church to address the subject of the title, "Why Can't We Have a Community? " . As it pertains to Israelites who profess a faith in Christ, Why is that PROfession of a 'Communion of Churches in Christ' on the lips of many while the heart and mind is far from the reality of a CONfession?
Listen as we discuss the ramification of giving up The paramount principle of Sola Scriptura that makes us no different that Solomon and Jeroboam at its core.

Tags: 1 kings 11, 1 kings 12, church, Church of Christ, Community, creed, Israel, jeroboam, religion, scripture alone, Sola Scriptura, Solomon

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