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pt.11 The Sanctuary and the State (Numbers 7:1-3)

JS LOWTHER- RNCM, June 6, 2020
Part of the Lawful Community series, preached at a SABBATH BIBLE STUDY service

Looking at a biblical Church Government comprised of the organic kindred families of Israel, and those firmly seated in the Election of God by Grace through Faith unto the knowledge and Truth in YHWH God's ordained Law as commanded in Holy writ for the benefit of the individual, family and Nation.

N. Israel and her abandoned people were likened in that day to today’s European Nations , as well as Europa’s sons and Daughters: America, Australia and s. Africa as we see them as destroyed Nations in terms of Government. individual families are struggling, from the cohesive nuclear families to those extended families we see little to no unity of those people binding together as one man, and worship by any lawful standard is ignorant.

Even the Church that was after the Reformation that was Reborn in Europe suffers this very day like the people of the time after the captivities of N. Israel and Judah.
While I know I stand nearly alone as a voice in the wilderness on this issue, I stand on Scripture Alone in saying Europa’s Reformed children are vanquished for 1 primary reason: their lack of faith in the Law of God as it was delivered to Moses in revelation of the Grace and truth that comes by Jesus Christ.

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