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pt.7 1 Timothy 3:8-16 (Hold Fast the Mystery of Godliness In Faith) (1 Timothy 3:8-16)

JS LOWTHER- RNCM, September 2, 2020
Part of the 1 Timothy Expo Study series, preached at a SABBATH BIBLE STUDY service

Of all the Church its leaders, the Overseers and Deacons must be able to hold fast to the mysteries of the faith in a pure conscience- Without Controversy:

Great- is the mystery of godliness:
(That) God was:
In the flesh -
In the Spirit-
seen of angels:
In the Nations -
Believed on:
In the world -
In glory!

Tags: 1 Timothy 3, bishop, confessional, deacon, economy, grave, minister, mystery of godliness, servant, Timothy

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