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THE COMMON LAW of GOD pt.7 Stealing and Restitution 8th Commandment: (SBS 8-22(2017) ()

JS LOWTHER, December 10, 2017
Part of the COMMON LAW of God series, preached at a Bible study service

The universal Idea of stealing or theft as a wrong among cultures and laws of diverse peoples as well as creatures is absolute, that is the Idea of one or many taking from another or others what is not theirs is a wrong; yet it may come as stumble to those who wish primary laws of morality held as Christian to be universally understood to all peoples that theft or stealing is not the same for every culture, while most peoples have a general idea of what is theft, what is so for one culture is not to another. This is the case even among cultures which are genetically identical, yet generationally separated by time. This is the case in today's so called christian culture opposed to the christianity of our separateist ancestors in America, and those to their Israelite ancestors of Moses to Nehemiah's day.

Tags: 8th commandment, banking, burglary, Compensation, eighth commandment, fiat money, gold, hard money, home protection, interest, Justice, kid-napping, lawful money, Liability, man-stealing, repayment, restitution, self defense, silver, stealing, theft, Thou shalt not steal, Usury

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