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Listen to and study with JS Lowther on subjects pertaining to Biblical Reality, as well as other ministers on Biblical topics relevant to the New Covenant Christian Life.



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NEW MOON SABBATH BIBLE STUDY 9-1(2017) Nehemiah 5 & 1Corinthians 9 ()

JS LOWTHER, December 18, 2017
Part of the Weekly Sabbath and New Moon services series, preached at a New Moon service

Expository study on Nehemiah Ch 5, and 1 Corinthians Ch 9. Looking at the life and actions of Nehemiah out of this one chapter to look at the personality of love towards his brothers of the Common-Wealth of Israel, and how fervently he sought to rebuild the temple of YHWH, not only the physical wall and the physical labor but to restore the people, that is the church, the Congregation of YHWH to a right standing in the society. Nehemiah righted the wrongs the rulers and nobles ruled over the people with by the convictive Word of YHWH's Law, and personally fed His people at his own table, as well as refused the portion of taxation taken from His own people from the king to support his office; rather Nehemiah was fed, like Paul the Apostle, OF THE GOSPEL and would not be chargeable to his brothers in a time of distress. A lesson all Christian Israelites can learn from Nehemiah and Paul, especially those who have the power to make a DIFFERENCE!

Tags: Brotherly love, church building, kingdom building, Nehemiah 5, New Moon, ninth month, Sabbath bible study, usery

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