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Pleasant Desire COVETOUSNESS (10th commandment) : THE COMMON LAW OF GOD pt.9 (SBS 9-8(2017) ()

JS LOWTHER, December 25, 2017
Part of the COMMON LAW of God series, preached at a Sabbath service

Covetousness is in the heart and mind, it is the beginning and the end of self government, that is the Governing of ones self, which is basis upon which all Commandments and Laws of God are kept, ignored or abandoned by the will of man; by the giving of this will to choose whom we will serve the nature of the spiritual likeness and image is perceived, it is at the aim of covetousness, desire or pleasure that the will of the inward man is made know and the will of the flesh made evident. It is here that Covetousness with in this Society is the Engine of both life and death, Good and Evil, blessing and cursing.

Tags: 10th commandment, a common law for a common-wealth, blessing, christmas day message, citizens of the commonwealth of israel, common law, common-wealth, curse, Deuteronomy 5:21, Epithemesis, god's law, good and evil, israel identity, JS Lowther, Kingdom now, lunar sabbath, sabbath bible study Exodus 20:17, Ted R. Weiland, tenth commandment, the tree of knowledge, theonomics, theonomy, thou shalt not covet, torah, tree of life

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