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The LORD's Supper pt.6 (SBS 1-29(2018) In the spirit on the Lord's Day? ()

JS LOWTHER, May 14, 2018
Part of the The LORD's Supper series, preached at a Sabbath service

In the spirit on the Lord's Day?

Scripture Alone Epistemology

Thus, the Scripture Alone gives us the information to understand the Created witness of all things aside from human preservation or action, even aside from this history we are considering. By such a Epistemology we may ascertain truth directly from the source of truth, that is THE WORD OF GOD to understand the world we now live in; thereafter we may contemplate the witness of the historical record, this is how we know that the choice Polycrates Bishop of Ephesus made was correct and the choice Victor Bishop Rome made was incorrect, the Law of God is the standard, the quartodecimen followed the Scriptures and Rome did not. Regardless of the how many men in christian history moved upon the same error it is still an error according to the truth of God's Law and Word. This is as well how we examine the term 'The Lord's Day', it is by the scripture and it's revealed truth and not by it's defining by proceeding generations which is all we have to establish a link between the lord's day, and sunday, and then sunday to the Passover week of Christ's crucifixion.

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Tags: Aristotelian thought, Aristotle, biblical faith, Church history, Communion, Justin martyr, lord's day, pascha, paschal meal, Passover, philosophy, Plato, quatrodecimen, Rushdooney, spiritual religion, sunday

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