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Anouncment of the 7th Moonth and of feasts!

So the 7th Month, called a Moonth here at RNCM, is just around the weekly bend! This can be a big month of Worship, Fellowship and Learning for the Church. So we thought we would put a little help sheet together for those of you who may be new to following the Festivals of YHWH which are part of New Covenant Christian Israelite Culture = Church. Please take a look at our feast and calendar studies here RNCM Calendar Page (Sabbaths, New Moons, Feasts and Holy Days) 1st Day Kicking off with the New Moon Feast: THE DAY of MEMORIAL … Continue reading

Answers from the Pentateuch pt.6- Curse: Genesis 3 (Sabbath Bible Study 6-22(2018)

Is $1.00 per message too much from our regular listeners? NO ONE IS LOOKING TO GET RICH, but we are looking to: afford needed equipment and software to expand our Kingdom out reach and help with expenses. SABBATH BIBLE STUDY 6-22 (2018) ReNEWed COVENANT Ministry   Subscribe to RNCM Podcast Feed iTunes • Other MP3 AUDIO MESSAGE DOWN LOAD-Listen any time! OR Page for Streaming Message – Follow along with study notes below! This Compilation is Interactive with E-Sword! – FREE DOWN LOAD HERE THEN: Just cut and past into you E-Sword topic notes Compiled by JS LOWTHER renewedcovenantministry.com servant@renewedcovenantministry.com … Continue reading