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WHAT IS THE (HOLY) SPIRIT? pt.7 Sabbath Bible Study 4-22(2017) Ephesians 4-6

Sabbath Bible Study 4-22 (2017) Audio Message   WHAT IS THE (HOLY) SPIRIT?  Part 7 Compiled by JS Lowther ReNEWed Covenant Ministry renewedcovenantministry.com     The subjects of Christ’s kingship and dominion over the earth offered and proclaimed in Psa_2:1-22, Psa_8:1-9 and Psa_110:1-7 have been a much needed and lacking part of understand in the role and function of the Holy Spirit: it’s gifts, fruits and effects upon the life of the redeemed Nation or Gentile of Israel. The Idea of the Holy Spirit having a solely individual function, a loving function and a mystical function as often taught in Sunday … Continue reading

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WHAT IS THE (HOLY) SPIRIT? pt. 3 &4 (Sabbath and New moon service)

What is the (Holy) Spirit pt.3 Audio Sabbath Bible Study 3-29 (2017)   What is the (HOLY) SPIRIT Pt.3 Compiled by JS LOWTHER Before moving directly into the subject of the Holy Spirit and it’s role in the Apostolic and it’s continuance to date, Let us first discuss one of the most impressive actions accredited to the Holy Spirit, our Lord and Saviors connection to this Spirit that has been heretofore defined. Concerning his birth and conception that it was on this wise: Mat_1:18-20 his mother Mary was espoused to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child … Continue reading

Spread the Seed of the Word of God