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Sabbath Bible Study 1-1 (2017) New Year/New Moon Message: An understanding of Abib

New Year / New Moon


Sabbath Bible Study

An Understanding of the New Year and Abib

In this Message our Bible study will be focusing on the Month of Abib that we are celebrating on this new moon of this date. We will be focusing on the impact of an agricultural, Heavenly and Natural based calendar as Israel was commanded to keep, as to help those who are new to the Yearly Feast Calendar used by the individuals of our congregation and of this Ministry.

Please also see JS Lowther’s Abib Report which he personally preformed from 2016-2017 to show the Biblical Reality of the Month od ABIB. In this report Bro. Lowther personally grew Barley planting it before the Rabbinic day of atonement in 2015 and reported on it’s growth until April 25 2017, which was the Gregorian date for the last day of our Biblical Year.

A Simple Question about Passover and the month of ABIB

Can you have a New Barley or New Wheat Festival

with out

New Barley or New Wheat?

Consider the picture above…What can you see?


The picture shows the condition in which barley should be in at the time of the month of Abib, as Abib means “new ears” of Barley or “green ears of Barley”. The picture above was taken “May 7 2016” last year, this means that the Realistic month of Abib could not have happened in the Ohio River Valley the first new moon after the equinox…In reality that is, nor could many continental Europeans or Americans or Some dwellers of the promise land with in the boarders of ancient Israel. The Correct new moon after the equinox according to the Abib it self  would have been the 2nd, this will always be so, and will be so this year as well.

Q. Why does it mater to you so much Bro. Lowther? It’s really not that important! Do you think that keeping the exact time of Pass Over is that important?

A. The subject matters because it is one of Nation salvation, not of personal salvation. And YES! The exact understanding of how my people and Nation are to keep the feasts of their God YHWH is very important.

National Salvation found in National Feasts

Do you think America’s Puritan Forefathers Celebrated harvest festivals with out harvests or New grain festivals with out potential harvests to be thankful for?

The reason the feasts have been cast into a spiritual realm in Christian thinking and never brought back again is because most people have lost their connection to the land, and to how they eat. When one considers how much wheat goes into that one loaf of bread, or how much barley goes into that one beer, a reality check is bound to happen to the thoughtful.

The Feasts are important in Biblical Reality because they cause us to remember by the letter of the Law that YHWH God gives the daily bread. If you are a spiritual person and reflect upon the spiritual Reality of the Feasts of YHWH you will love growing and watching wheat and barley grow, you will also as I have come to understand why Israel should keep the feasts literally and in Reality, not just get together and take “communion” and hear some people speak about the bible, but actually live out the scripture as best you can. Read Exodus 12-13 and ask your self if you could better bring about a better Passover Celebration in Biblical Reality?

I am by no means saying every Israelite should be an Ag farmer, but I am saying that every Israelite should be thankful for the crops Ag farmers are producing by the hand of God, knowledgeable or not. If the Church would have not given up the ordained and inspired Feasts of YHWH and so in conjunction with Realistic Agricultural Thankfulness no Bible believing Christian would ignore the relevance of the True Agricultural impact of the Feasts and the God who causes them to occur. Rather non inspired Christo- pagan construct festivals such as  “Xmas and easter” now dominate churches with out a shred of biblical evidence, let alone Biblical Text.

There is a bread crumb trail…perhaps we should follow it? Perhaps it’s too much work?


The picture above, also shows the state of Barley being over taken by thorns and vines, the green is camo enough, but the thorn bush is slowly wrapping around the Barley and even more destructively, the thorns and invasive vegetation is sucking the nutrients from the soil, this nutrition important for the Barley and NEEDED TO CREATE THE NEXT GENERATION OF SEED.

Audio Messages on

the Month of Abib

by JS Lowther

If any help is needed on the subject of keeping Passover in 2017

Please e-mail the Ministry, and we will help as best we can!