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Biblical Economics Page (THEONOMIC MONEY)

An Introduction


Biblical Economics

This is a page which will be devoted to the subject of Biblical economics from various authors and speakers and teachers. While RNCM does not agree with every doctrinal point of every author listed below we do endorse formost a return to the biblical paradigm of Economics as it is taught in scripture and how that system of commence should operate within a Godly Government.

This page has been created to help you learn about one of the most important and interwoven subjects a society needs to understand about it’s existence in order to serve the LORD freely and benefit their posterity in the process by that freedom, that Subject is Theonomic Money and / or Biblical Economics.

When RNCM first began our local congregation was yet under the tutelage of the now late Bruce G. McCarthy , who was the lead member of our congregation and master of Monetary Realism (properly, a branch of Biblical Reality). Bruce was a respected elder and dear friend of Bro. JS Lowther, many late nights and active discussions while working on the farm took place between the two of them for nearly a decade life side by side, which time sadly included the final days with Bruce and his wife during Bruce’s during a heroic stand against cancer with out medical intervention, a stand that was deeply rooted in Bruce’s fight against the credit expenditures of the modern medical system. Bruce G. McCarthy was a man of principle:   Therefor, this Theonomic Money & Biblical Economics page is dedicated to Brother Bruce from his common brother in Faith, admiring disciple of his life’s wisdom, comrade in the fight, and  friend to the bitter end.

Bruce Gordon McCarthy

Aug. 8, 1947 – May 2, 1016

Bruce’s work is available online for free access due to the efforts of many different people that have uploaded his hard work to the internet, RNCM has placed that work here on this page for your free learning, please do not take this information for granted.

Here is a link to an in-depth bible study on the subject of Money specificly, very much from the McCarthy School of thought I learned from my teacher and added thereto with further studies.

What is Money ?



Bruce’s life work was devoted to opening his kinsmen’s eyes to Kingdom Money, he wanted every one to know what Lawful Money according to God’s Law could offer a society that would just simply believe and harken to God’s wisdom on the subject, in hopes that that people would be a free people able to serve the LORD more freely.

Please see some of the small booklets Bruce had published in the 80’s and 90’s here at this site below, as it is chalk packed full of Bro. Bruce’s work in PDF format:

To purchase this media please contact RNCM


Bruce G. McCarthy’s stuff is every where! Check out his old video’s uploaded by some friends:


Below is a video Bro. Bruce and Bro. Joshua produced together about 7 years ago with the uploading help of our brother and friend Bro. Dwayne. It’s still there and raking up views:

Again, For anyone looking to acquire Bruce’s literature in print please feel free to contact RNCM as proceeds from Bruce’s work will go directly to Kate McCarthy, Bruce’s living widow. Servant@renewedcovenantministry.com


This series is among one of the first in-depth bible studies on The Principles of Biblical Economics Bro. Lowther had heard,

” It was Ted’s messages “Principles of Biblical Economics” that changed my (Lowther’s) mind on that big loan and ‘nice house’ as  a young man, thanks be  to YHWH for directing this message at the right time to get my attention.” – JS Lowther

This series is offered by Ted R. Weiland-  political evangelist of Mission to Israel Ministries :

(While RNCM does not endorse Ted’s doctrine of salvation by faith in baptism, or his stance on feast keeping, we certainly endorses this message.)

Principles of Biblical Economics (Part 1)
Biblical economics as it apply to our personal lives.

Principles of Biblical Economics (Part 2)

Principles of Biblical Economics (Part 3)

Principles of Biblical Economics (Part 4)

Principles of Biblical Economics (Part 5)

Principles of Biblical Economics (Part 6)

Principles of Biblical Economics (Part 7)

Principles of Biblical Economics (Part 8)

Principles of Biblical Economics (Part 9)

Principles of Biblical Economics (Part 10)

Principles of Biblical Economics (Part 11)

Principles of Biblical Economics (Part 12)

Principles of Biblical Economics (Part 13)

Principles of Biblical Economics (Part 14)

Principles of Biblical Economics (Part 15)

Principles of Biblical Economics (Part 16)

Principles of Biblical Economics (Part 17)


More to be added HERE  on this subject, STAY TUNED

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