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European Hebrew Alpha-Bet

Ancient Hebrew!

Never Lost, just Ignored…


The above chart shows the Phonetic value which ReNewed Covenant Ministry places on it’s Studies of Biblical Hebrew

(some material may have not correspond due to time of writing and source)

Where are the vowel points? Good question!

Vowel point are part of the more modern addition to Post Captivity Chaldean  Hebrew said to have been added near the end of the first century AD, making it unknown to any writer of the original Holy Scriptures. On account of this fact of History and linguistics any student of the Bible is better ignoring such controversies as to continue their spiritual and realistic knowledge of our ancestral language.  Consider Revelations 2:9 and 3:9 when contemplating such quarrels of words, common to lawyers as semantics. Don’t get lost in the darkness!

 Many old books and encyclopedias can be found,

which will easily show

The descent of European letters from Phoenetic Hebrew.  old-hpg-alphbet-chart

For any one interested in down loading Ancient Hebrew fonts for their device, please see the work of Kris J. Udd  http://www.bibleplaces.com/paleo_hebrew_fonts/


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