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Kingdom Living Family Camp 2020 (Hephzibite Brotherhood In Christ) – Message page

We had a Great 2020 Family Camp,

Though we had some abrupt changes and thought we would have a cut in attendance- the LORD YHWH nevertheless called to his people to desire fellowship and brotherly love.

We had a Blessed Family Camp this year with the surprise attendance of many families and youth  throughout the duration of this New Moon Week-end where we enjoyed brotherly love, friendship & fellowship;  singing, dancing & play; prayers, sharing & teaching!

The Love In Christ that was expressed and exuded at this Camp was an encouragement to many weary souls of the march and battle endured this last year, as well as the battles some of our elders and brothers have endured for years and decades.



Thank you so much for those of you who are part of this effort and supported this effort,

You know who you are!

We know who you are!

But most importantly HE Knows Who You ARE!

Blessings I pray in much Grace and Mercy, in anticipation for next year!

Brother Joshua – co-organizer

(a Hephzibite from the heart  :)  Isaiah 62:4 )

Below you Will find the messages in the order they were Spoken, as well as the adjoining intermissions and singing attached to them, some of the messages and song services were not listed here, and others will be made available as they are added in the near future. We may also provide some video in the near future (Those with footage who would like to share a link by email or Face Book Messenger, please do so and we will add it below?).

We hope you enjoy this, it has been preserved in this electronic format for your Edification and Exhortation, knowing that while not every one every where can be with us, there are those who nonetheless desire to be part of our efforts!

Please stay tuned for added links to this post / page as they appear.

Blessings again!

Messages from 2020’s

Kingdom Family Camp



Message for the morning of 29th day of the moon Sabbath Morning / sat.  feb 22: 

John 6 Faith as an Apostle’s Creed – JS Lowther

Message for the 30th day of the moon -Evening  / sat. evening feb 22:

Serve the Master with the Life He Gave You- Bro. Kris 


Message for the 30th day of the moon – Morning / sun. morning feb 23:

Love and Fear- Bro. Tyler 


Message for the 1st day of the moon – Evening / sun. evening feb 23:

Only Be Strong and of a Good Courage – Bro. JS Lowther


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