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Let them be for signs, seasons, days, and years…

what is time cover

Have you ever thought about what time really is ? Why does the Church world use the calendar they use? and where did it come from? What is a Saturday or a Sunday? How do you know what day of the Year, month or week it is?             Why does the international date line exist? Could it really be Saturday on one side of a man made imaginary line in the ocean and Sunday on the other side???

This series of messages and studies looks in to the subject of unrealistic pagan time and dives deep into the subject of Real-Biblical TIME, all to offer a dying Israelite Church a realistic way out of a dead tradition into a new and living way found in the BIBLE and the Natural witness!

Audio studies – What is TIME ? series


sabbath logic – Text study (open office format) for the what is time study

4 what is time of the new moon – Text study for message of the same name

5 what is time abib  -Text study for message of the same name

6 what is time  – Text study for message of the same name

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