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The Organic Laws of Marriage as Prescribed by the Creator

adam-eve-paintingA study into

The Organic Law of Marriage

As prescribed by the Creator

Compiled by  Joshua Somerville Lowther


To whom ever this compilation comes across,

As in all of my compilations I would like to let whatever Light I may have shine through the work I have been devoted to, thus as a man who is devoted to the understanding of the Holy Scriptures for the purpose of realistic application and having a more abundant life through them, I study the scriptures in depth, through the larder of the languages of Hebrew and Greek, in accompaniment of the English, which has proven to be a tool for more modern study by the Providence of God and the unsurpassed efforts of many English speaking theologians of the Britt-Ish race.

In so saying I would of you, my potential reader, ask this:

If you are not wanting to add to or at least defend your own scriptural conclusions against that which this compilation offers, please do not burden yourself with the time it takes to read this document. If however you are craving the truth and hungering after it and are willing to investigate my compilation by your own study and my reasoning by logic please read on.

Please, bear in mind the magnitude of difference this compilation and study may, in points, hold to the “traditional” world view, said to be Christian, a view that seemingly never focuses in on those hand-me-down Sunday school bible stories taught to us as children, nor looks back to the Word of God as the original source of truth . Yet as the apostle taught us, when we were children we acted as children, now that we are men we act as men: let us therefore gird up our loins with truth and be men! For if we have as Martin Luther put it “the larder (preserver) of the word of God”, that is the original languages of scripture and, by no means any secondary addition, the comparable contexts of those words through out the Hebrew and Greek scriptures, to correctly obtain that organic and thus logical meaning, we then truly have a chance to obtain that truth the LORD intended and to be girt with it. I explain this so that you may know why I have come to such conclusions as you will find beyond. I wish in every study to found one stone upon the next stone and eventually upon the foundation which is upon that Rock, the Word which was from the beginning; taking every thought and securing it upon the best truth available via the scriptures, logic and nature, in this way a very defensible fortress is built, and the builder may rest in his labours.

The premise by which I try my hardest to operate upon is first to rely purely on the context of Holy writ, and from thence on the languages of the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures as to having a firm foundation rooting into the fertile nutrition of the language; from thence into a logic hinging upon that which we can sense and which is known as true. For as God makes a great deal of emphasis when He conducts a miracle, I therefore deal in the realm of natural reasoning always, unless it is an obvious supernatural event and specified as such and even so the God of Nature often uses His own creation in a super specific way.

Please, if you wish to challenge this reasoning with studied evidence that I have missed or erred on, let me know, I love to learn! If you have poor or no: facts, evidence or logic don’t be surprised if I don’t respond.

I hope if you need this knowledge, you will understand it and it will bear fruit with you!

This Compilation study makes use of James Strong’s numbering system FOR REFERENCE ONLY, as it is used by most Hebrew and Greek Lexical aid’s and concordances, as well as any true translations of the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures. I the Author, take the privilege of use by: excerpting for correction or brevity, as well as making additions to or combining definitions or translations with out tell. Use is made of the Roman alphabet in a phonetic (Phoenician / Hebrew) way, as the Latin-Roman letters have been derived from the Phoenician Hebrew as was or via the Greek.; thus the English recognized letter are phoenetically used in place of the Babylonian / Chaldee now generally called ‘Hebrew’, insomuch as the Hebrew derived English Alpha-Bet (first 2 letters of Hebrew and Greek)is more comprehensible and similar to Phonetic Hebrew, as written by our Biblical ancestors.


Continue to Sections of Compilation on The Organic Laws of Marriage:

Section I. The Law of Adam’s Marriage

Section II. The Record of our Fore-Father’s Marriages

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