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Times of Rest & Convocation (A Biblical liturgical Calendar by light and agriculture (2022-2023)


Grego. Calendar helps for the agricultural year of 2022-2023

For the agricultural (Abib) region of Ohio River Valley Churches

(Weekly Sabbath follows the Gregorian weekday listed every month)

Agricultural New Year of Abib 2022-2023

9th  New Moon- dec 23rd  fri

10th  New Moon- jan 22nd  sun 2023

11th  New Moon- feb 20th   mon

12th  New Moon- march 22nd  wed/ Purim: 4th -5th



Sabbaths are bold.  Lamb=lamb selection day/ PO=Pass Over / UB=Unleavened Bread/ Atone= day of atonements /  Tab= feast of Tabernacles

   If you would like to join us for worship on any Sabbath, New Moon or Feast please feel free to contact us at:

Call / Text: 74zero-538-3727



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