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pt. 8 By Keeping Unleavened Bread (Leviticus 23:6-8)

JS LOWTHER- RNCM, April 27, 2019
Part of the How Do We Keep the Feasts? series, preached at a SABBATH BIBLE STUDY service

IF we have sown unto you spiritual things,
Is it a great thing if we shall reap from you carnal things? 1Corinthians 9:11

In the celebration of this feast of unleavened bread there exists the ability to learn and be instructed by the intrinsic nature between Christ who is in fact the Word of God, and that Word made flesh in the man Jesus Christ, as the son of God and son of Man; this Word existed perfectly in the bosom of the Father as a perfect Law of logic of justice and of instruction in righteousness, this level of perfection and personification is in every sacrament of God’s Holy Law.
This property of sanctification is fully in existence in the feast of unleavened bread.
To realize the spirit and truth of every Word which proceeds from the mouth of YHWH will always bless one who is Elect and Called according to God’s own purpose; without this level of faith in recognition of the origin of any biblical ordinance one can never understand the feast’s sincerity and truth.

Tags: azumon, bread, Communion, feast, feast of unleavened bread, Jesus Christ, leaven, leavened, LORD's supper, matzah, sacraments, sacrifice passover, sanctification, unleavened bread, word made flesh, YHWH

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