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is a singular ministry outreach that offers an online presence for our local fellowship lead by Brother JS Lowther in SE Ohio, USA. Locally we would like to be known as  ‘Ohio Valley Called of Christ’.

We are puritanical, so nothing too fancy.

But if you are looking for those who are striving to live biblical lives in the real world then perhaps you’d like to come visit and worship with us?

If so please feel free to ask by email as our gatherings are by invitation only.

So before you do that perhaps you’d like to know who we are a bit? 

Here is a little about our Theology & doctrine.

 We would be recognized by some of these generic terms as we understand their meaning to be Scripturally founded:

We are

‘trinitarian’ in our Theology

(We accept that YHWH (the Godhead) has three distinguished functionary persons:

Father, Word- Son and Spirit all of which are Eternal . We teach this every New Month by the Historic Athanasian creed.)


Covenant theological in our Cosmology

(We accept GOD and His Word as Eternal and therefore abidingly covenantal in all ages.)


‘reformed’ in our Soteriology

(We accept the Faith as a gift of God’s Grace predestined. And all 5 Sola’s of the reformation: Grace alone, faith alone, scripture alone, Christ alone, Only God’s Glory.)


‘Torah observant’ in our Doctrine of good works and holiness

(We believe all apostolic worship and good works come from the Eternal GOD’s Holy Law, and that Christians are instructed, corrected and perfectly furnished by living a life by Grace according to the Law of YHWH.)

‘Theonomic’ in our Ethic

(We believe the perfect ethical approach to life, society and government comes from the Torah / God’s Law. And that good and evil unable to be fully known with out the Law of God as our ethic of logical and rational judgment.)

‘kinist’ in Ethnology

(We believe in racial distinction, and that these distinctions are GOD ordained and to be preserved in lawful holy matrimony.)

‘patriarchal presbyterian’ in our Ecclesiology

(We believe churches are comprised of houses / families, with husbands who are fathers as the lawful and natural head of the house, he is pastor of his flock & over-seer of his inheritance.

Regardless of numbers fathers are commanded to organize worship every week for their family’s Holy Convocation and to join with other families and individuals in worship and fellowship.

Fathers form a Presbytery and presbyteries are constituted of units of adult men 10, 50, 100, 1000. 

One father, elder, over-seer or episcopate is appointed of each unit when it is formed into a presbytery to take care of the church of God by serving the fathers, elders, and individuals by pastoring, teaching, and exhortation according to the truth and justice of the Word of God with council of the presbytery.)

‘post-millennial’ in our Eschatology

We believe Jesus Christ the resurrected is seated at the right hand of God the Father in the Heavens and Rules Now as LORD. Yet YHWH will do mighty things upon the earth in the times to come, when He heals the blindness of the Gentiles in restoring the Christian Faith and identity of the 12 tribes of Israel whom God has chosen for His own Glory in blessing all the families and peoples of the earth according to the promises made to Abraham in Christ.

We believe Christian Israel (144,000 men of war) will stand in the power of the Lamb of God upon the hills of the earth as a kingdom conquering and overcoming darkness by the Law and Gospel until the time of apostasy is appointed unto the nations. After the millennia Christ will return to earth in his resurrected body, he shall place his feet upon Mt. Olive, and he shall judge the earth in Righteousness according to His Holy Law, when he shall cause the resurrection of the dead, when He shall judge all who lived before the throne of God the Father for their deeds.

Hereafter the Temple of Heaven will be established and restored for the glory of YHWH’s dwelling place upon earth, this temple will be built by resurrected saints according to His design.

 And all nations upon earth will flow unto it.


As stated, these are generic terms and they loaded differently by different variations in doctrine and understanding, but it should give an idea of who we are.

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Statement of Faith

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