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Times of Rest & Convocation (A Biblical liturgical Calendar by light and agriculture (2022-2023)

Grego. Calendar helps for the agricultural year of 2023

For the agricultural (Abib) region of Ohio River Valley Churches

(Weekly Sabbath follows the Gregorian weekday listed every month)


Below is the Current Agricultural liturgical 2nd month called Zif, which started on May 20 2023

2nd New Moon- may 20st sat   Sabbath

Feast of weeks: eve 16th – eve 18th

3rd  New Moon- june 18th sun Sabbath

 Feast of weeks: eve 16th – eve 18th

4th  New Moon- july 18th  tues Sabbath

5th  New Moon- aug 17th  thurs Sabbath

6th  New Moon- sept 15th fri Sabbath

7th  New Moon of Trumpets – oct 15th sun Sabbath

 Atonements day Sabbath– oct 24th

Tabernacles week– oct 29th  -nov 5th

8th  New Moon– nov 13th mon Sabbath

9th  New Moon- dec 13th wed  Sabbath

New Moon dates are bold.

Memorial days are bold


Monthly lunar Sabbaths are bold.  

And special days are bold

Feast days are bold



   If you would like to join us for worship on any Sabbath, New Moon or Feast please feel free to contact us at:

Call / Text: 74zero-538-3727



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