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How Do We Keep the Feasts? Pt. 1 By the Lights, By the Sabbaths (Leviticus 23:1-4)

JS LOWTHER- RNCM, March 14, 2019
Part of the How Do We Keep the Feasts? series, preached at a Bible study service

IF we have sown unto you spiritual things,
Is it a great thing if we shall reap from you carnal things? 1Corinthians 9:11
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So How do we first keep the Sabbath day as a feast or Appointed-Season of YHWH? By the Lights of the Heaven.
Not by a numeric count of days that we dictate, Why? Because they are YHWH's Seasons, they are His Feasts, and the definition of What YHWH's Appointed Season is, is defined by the Witness of the lights of Heaven which YHWH appointed for this use by Israel, and in fact all creation universally. But it is Israel as the steward of God that is entrusted with the Oracles of God to assure this organic Law is imbued into YHWH's divine worship, thereby rendering it Holy as pertaining to, dictated by and worshiping the God of Creation, of the Heaven and the Earth He That Is / YHWH. And the Sabbath of the weekly Rest does not fail from this Appointment to have a totally Organic foundation in Heavens Lights.
What does the Scripture say? In Psa_104:19 YHWH appointed the moon for seasons (MUODIM): the sun knoweth his going down.

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