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Key words 24- Ted Weiland - Answered (Galatians 3:1-18)

JS LOWTHER- RNCM, Unknown Date
Part of the Sola Scrip Torah Apologetics series, preached at a Sola Scrip Torah service

Answering pertinent portions of "Key Words to Vital Truths, Part 24" - What is the Law of the New Covenant? , Is the time from Moses to Christ ("Mosaic Covenant") a time when God accepted Faith as Righteousness? , What does it mean: Required under the new covenant? , what about the Heavenly Pattern?, Feasts before Sinai ?, Did God lie or did Moses tell the truth?, Circumcision, the tithe you better pay to the new priesthood.

Tags: 10 commandments, Added Law, baptism, covenant, faith, Galatians 3, god's law, God's lie?, justification, Key Words, law, Mission to Israel, morality, Moses, new priesthood, promise, Sin and Death, son's of Levi, Ted R. Weiland, tithe

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