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Audio Study Messages

Despising His Words (2 Kings 25) (2 Kings 25:8)

JS LOWTHER- RNCM, September 4, 2022
Part of the liturgical calendar messages series, preached at a Bible study service

we will be looking at the end of the life of Zedekiah and his sons, as well as the country and house which he ruled over the land and house of Judah. We will be considering the prophetic warning of GOD in this message as it applies to a heart, mind and soul that has not humbled themselves to the Word of the LORD YHWH. We will consider the importance and the gift of having divine revelation, the Word of God as contained in the holy Scripture, as well we will consider the importance of the lesson the histories of our people Israel can teach us in terms of the Justice of God, His Righteousness in punishing evil in whatsoever way He had deemed fit, as well as our responsibility before Him to confess our sin and unrighteousness in humility before utterance of his Holy Law. 

Tags: 2 Chronicles 36, 2 kings 25, boasting, faith, fear, grace, Humility, Jesus Christ Revealed, Justice, law, Liturgical message

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