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Listen to and study with JS Lowther on subjects pertaining to Biblical Reality, as well as other ministers on Biblical topics relevant to the New Covenant Christian Life.


Worship service 5-15-2022 ()

RNCM, September 11, 2022
Part of the Congregational Worship, Psalms, Resuscitation series, preached at a Congregational Worship, Psalms, Resuscitation service

Sabbath Convocation 5-15-2022
Order of Worship

Prayer from– Psalm 119: 174-176
I have longed for thy salvation, O LORD;
and thy law is my delight. 
Let my soul live, and it shall praise thee;
let thy judgments help me. 
We have gone astray like lost sheep; seek thy servant;
for I do not want to forget thy commandments. 

22– praise / 119 pt.10
61, 1
Resuscitation of scripture

Leviticus 2 / Luke 1

From Ezekiel 20

The work of the Holy Spirit

Apostles Creed

Tags: and Confessions of Faith and Doctrine, Psalm singing, resuscitation, Scriptural creeds

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