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Pt 6 Exposition Colossians 2 & Galatians intro (SBS 8-22-2018) ()

JS LOWTHER - RNCM, November 29, 2018
Part of the Why We Keep the Feasts!? series, preached at a SABBATH BIBLE STUDY service

Isa 64:6, says, But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses (plural) are as filthy rags; (lit. menstrual cloth).
This is a statement made when the temple was in full working order, in other words if you soteriology (knowledge of Salvation) excepts that before Christ one could merit righteousness by works of the law Isaiah (and a host of other witnesses disagree).
Every thing Israel pulls out of our pocket for payment is a filthy rag; the analogy for those who will understand what I am saying is that you appear before YHWH with your absolute best action and worship, and desistance from evil and you hand your time card in to GOD at the end of the day (the last day) in expectation for payment, your wage, due for all of your righteousness and just actions and he kills you because you handed him a used tampon and expected payment for it...

Tags: celts, Christ’s Righteousness, FEASTS, forgiveness, Galatians, Gaul, Gnosticism, grace, Grace alone, holy day, Israel of God, Jesus Chris, new covenant, New Moon, nomian, ProNomian, Sabbath, Sacraments of the Chrurch, sola gracia, spiritual religion, word made flesh, yeshua, YHWH

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