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Helpful lunar based Sabbath logic from our perspective.

This was a response to a discussion about lunar based sabbath that I thought would benefit the internet folks who receive this blog. Many Blessings, Bro. JS Lowther Those who would say that lunar based sabbath keepers are violating Exodus 20 by keeping a week with less than 6 working days or more than 6 working days, do not know what we believe … at all. Here, Let me lay forth Ezekiel’s way of explaining lunar based sabbath, maybe a prophet will help clarify our position: Eze 46:1 Thus saith the Lord GOD; The gate of the inner court that … Continue reading

pt.5 That Which Remaineth is that which was Before Ordained for Worship

Part 5 of a New Series: “Principally Regulated by the Scripture” “That Which Remaineth Is that which was Before Ordained for Worship” This study will be a doctrinal subject study with a focus on understanding the 4th commandment in ordaining the time of Assembly, and what times are uses to appoint the Sabbath for congregational worship (Holy Convocation) in accordance with Hebrew 4:9 and 10:23-25 as well as Galatians 4:10.   Remember when you are freely enjoying the notes you are reading or freely listen… SOME ONE IS STILL PAYING FOR IT Contribute when you can to keep us growing … Continue reading

pt.4 Making an Idol of Worship & Times of Offering and Assembly

Can a person fashion and Idol out of a vain imagination of the word of god?
What makes a weak and beggarly element?
How can a weak and beggarly (poor) element make one bound to it?
Does YHWH God consider the observance of time vain?
Did Christ and the Apostles worship according the Calendar patterned on the Lights of Heaven?
Was it wrong for Paul to observe times and days of worship and assembly?
Should Christians worship and assemble according to the the principles that are normative to the bible ?

Is there a Sabbath-rest that remains from the days of Pentateuch for the people of God?

When are those times of worship and offering and assembly?

Is that Sabbath a time for sacrifice and offering as it has always been?
How do we sacrifice and offer to God? Continue reading

13th month this year and its necessity every so often (4-12-2020-21)

Greetings from RNCM, Brother Lowther put this together this year in hopes that it will provoke your thoughts and bring you to an understanding of why we do what we do. The 13th month It happens every so often, and this yea is one of those ‘so oftens’ ;)   Many people do not like the way nature responds to the heavens light as determined by YHWH God almighty. And another sort of folks just don’t understand what people are doing because of what they believe God is communicating through His these means.   Simply: The sun has a cycle … Continue reading

pt.3 The Sabbath Assembly and its Purpose in Congregational Worship

Looking at the the Role of the Assembly as directed by the Law of God as Heirs in Christ in using the 4th commandment’s Sabbath as a regulative means of worship, directed by scripture alone and its sufficiency as the first course in perusing the Assembly Christians are not to forsake in Hebrews 10:25. Continue reading