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Unleavened-Bread Sabbath Message & Wave Sheaf Resurrection Day Message (1-15 /1 -16)

Unleavened Bread Sabbath Message: “Begging the Body of Jesus”   Wave Sheaf / Resurrection day Message: “The Joy of the Sons of Men (A lesson of first-fruits)” Worship Service for Resurrection day 1st month 22 – R N C M (renewedcovenantministry.com)

Passover & Feast of Unleavened bread 2022 schedule

This post is to make a web link to save for reference  Passover 2022 Passover day the 14th of the moon / May 14th: Morning reading of the Exodus and the Passion of Christ   (Informal meals) Lamb will be slaughtered at 3:30PM At this we will read and remember that this image was a shadow of the coming Christ to our fathers and the memorial thereof to us who Know His truth. We will read and sing the Word’s of scripture remembering this truth. The Lamb will be dressed for roasting and cooked until evening and will be taken … Continue reading

Sanctifying for Communion Series

In these messages I have offered a bit on our practice and why we do as we do, but the main focus will be of preparing the heart, mind and soul of our congregation for that special time with Christ we believers look forward to every year in the mediation and observation of His Word to our heart, and how it is a time indeed not to be overlooked, ignored or taken lightly. Continue reading

Pt.9 Whatsoever Things… (Philippians – An Exposition Ch.4-Final Message)

It is obvious this 4th chapter is focused upon the prior 3, they are one epistle.
Paul sets the record straight by teaching the mind of the saint in regard to knowledge, judgment, bearing fruits of righteousness to the glory of God through Christ’s work, our apprehension and attaining, and from what origin of God’s glory all of who we are rests. Continue reading