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pt.4 Despise not in thy heart thy Brethren in not taking a wife of Them (Brotherhood & Brotherly Love)

Hos 5:7  For they have forsaken the Lord; for strange children have been born to them: now shall the cankerworm devour them and their heritages. Continue reading

pt.3 Social Justice (Brotherhood & Brotherly Love)

and for the record we should never ignore the concept of a ‘social justice warrior’, they are self-proclaimed warriors, and what are they waring against? This very concept of social order and brotherhood as it promotes brotherly love according to scripture and nature. These people are not just activists, that are at war, and the war is against the LORD and His Christ, no doubt, but they are homed in on the European family of what was once Christendom… Continue reading

Dreams or Duty? (Ecc 5:7)

  For in the multitude of dreams and many words there are also divers vanities: but fear thou God. Ecc_5:7
So many vain things are available today in this consumer, individual culture that it accommodates vanity so well, it is like this proverb in the book of Ecclesiastes was made for 21st century, but it was not, it is made for every century;
and the alternative given to the multitude of dreams and vanities and many words, is ” but fear thou God.” Continue reading

Back Messages now up and available.

Greeting Kindred and friends, I’ve finally got some extra time at the end of this busy moon to get a few messages up from prior dates that have yet to make it. Below are the message names and dates as well as a link to them. If you are interested, please ask by email ( servant@renewedcovenantministry.com ) and I’ll be happy to provide study notes and / or links to visual aids for these messages. Many blessings, and a special thanks to those of you who are helpful and faithful in your support! Bro. JS Lowther Blessed Among Women: the … Continue reading