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The Manhood of Christ and the Divinely Triumphant Entry

 In this post you will find our 2 downloads or streaming audio files available to you. In preparing for the sanctity of the day of Passover (may 3rd) and prepare for the Lord’s Supper a message has been prepared and offered to focus on the meanings of this time of the year as well as the connection between this time and the life of Christ in the week leading up to the Paschal Day of the crucifixion: “The Manhood of Christ and the Divinely Triumphant Entry” With this message you will also find the call to worship & Psalmody that … Continue reading

Abib’s New Moon Week End (wednesday april 19-20th 2023)

1st New Moon of Abib Weekend worship and messages Wednesday april the 19th / 29th day of the 12th Moon of Adar: In AM Bible School we continued our reading of God’s Organic Law and discussed the text of Genesis 15-20 for our 8th part of this study. Looking at the life of Abraham and much of the Organic Law matter that can be picked off the surface of the text we had a great time of discussion and learning. In Evening Worship: We had our usual Call to Worship Service And the Message delivered was the final message in … Continue reading

A Lesson in Baptism

A Lesson in Baptism series We finished our series on Baptism here at the home Church, for those following along, you can click the link above and find all 4 parts in the series for your listening pleasure or learning experience. Below is also a link to the baptismal service that our church uses: https://renewedcovenantministry.com/about-us/the-ordinance-of-christian-baptism/ If you’d like notes from the ministry, or to contact, please feel free to ask Rev. Lowther at: 740-538-372seven RNCMinistry@gmail.com Blessings, Brother JS Lowther

Getting some messages up to date: A Lesson in Baptism pt.3/ Worship / Genesis Organic Law Studies

Greetings, It’s been busy here and a bit hard to keep up with the internet side of the ministry. I do apologize to those who enjoy keeping up with us on-line. You will find all the messages on Baptism including our last message in these series below: A Lesson in Baptism You will find the Last 2 Morning Bible Studies on Genesis Foundations in the Organic Law of God below: An Expositional study of the Law You will find our Call to worship from last Sabbath below: Call to Worship  I’m sorry we have not been maintaining our usual format, … Continue reading

Passover & Feast of Unleavened bread 2023 schedule (May 3- May 11)

This post is to make a web link to save for reference  Passover 2023 Passover day the 14th of the moon / May 3rd: Morning reading of the Exodus and the Passion of Christ Baptisms will be performed after morning Worship. (Informal meals) Lamb will be slaughtered at 3:30PM At this we will read and remember that this image was a shadow of the coming Christ to our fathers and the memorial thereof to us who Know His truth. We will read and sing the Word’s of scripture remembering this truth. The Lamb will be dressed for roasting and cooked until … Continue reading