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THE COMMON LAW OF GOD pt.5- 6th Commandment: Thou shalt not Kill ()

JS LOWTHER, November 26, 2017
Part of the COMMON LAW of God series, preached at a Bible study service

The Idea of Killing an innocent person either of ones own nation or of another nation or people during a time of peace is among the most primary laws which govern society, yet it as all other Commandments ordained by Almighty God is integral in the fabric of the table of the whole of the 10 commandments. It is by this law all capitol offenses are weighed, those offenses towards God and neighbor which demand the blood of the offender is the highest price a sinner may pay in society, thus it is the chief, head or Capitol of the punishments of He That Is God: YHWH. It is by this Exception to this law had in Judgment against sin, that all rights become forfeited to one's life as to allow the ordained Government to enact what is called the capitol punishment, and this when willful disregard summarized as wickedness is committed in place of the prior 5 commandments, this very 6th Commandment as well as those to be discussed hereafter this compilation.

Tags: 6th commandment, capitol punishment, common law, common wealth, death penalty, ecclasia, flesh and spirit, god's law, Law of God, murder, right of way, righteous government, sixth commandment, ten commandments, theonomy, thonomic principles, thou shalt not kill, torah

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