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Announcement for the 2nd month (ZIF)

Here is a pre-calculated announcement  for this up coming sighting of the New Moon crescent which will end our Festival of Renewal (cHodesh) as remembered by the New Moon. Our system celebrates from the Last 7th day of the month until the day before the sighting predicted as Sabbatic. This special time of assembly will end the 1st month of Abib and start the 2nd Agricultural Month of ZIF the day before the moons sighting. This month keeping the 29th, 30th and 1st days of the week as days of no labor or work (See Amos 8:5). For those newly … Continue reading

Calendar page Coming soon!

http://renewedcovenantministry.com/rncmcalendar RNCM Calendar for The 2nd Moonth.     Would you like to help support  ReNEWed Covenant Ministry? Think about helping out in the effort: Time, Equipment and Expenses… Send an Email to ask about how to contribute servant@renewedcovenatministry.com