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RNCM Calendar Page (Sabbaths, New Moons, Feasts and Holy Days)

RENEWED COVENANT MINISTRY (RNCM) is focused upon a True Reformation beyond traditionalism of all sorts and flavors.

Be it: Jewish, Patristic, Roman-Catholic, East orthodox or Protestant adaptations we are only interested in a Reformed Theology of Grace through Faith leading to the Good Works YHWH GOD before ordained and not man. Therefore we desire a Biblical Culture and way of Life for the people of God to Live in and to Die for if needs be. A biblical culture is one that is grounded in scripture and therefore one that can teach by witness to the adherent as well as to the outside observer the message of salvation which we only believe is available in the Covenant of Jesu(s) Christ’s . The Law is only a schoolmaster, we confess, yet it teaches a lesson we need to learn daily.
Therefore, as part of biblical culture, the Calendar which a Church uses for worship is important, and importantly it is to be obedient to the Regulative Principle of worship, therefore our Sabbath Rest and Holy Convocations of Worship do not occur by the dictates of man on non-intrinsic days of the week (though we have all become accustom to these days, month and years in western society), rather our weeks are regulated by the Lights of the Heavens above, as both an observable Reality and a fact of the Scripture witness we always appeal to as it is determined by the Presbytery.

Please consider this as you look through the lunar (moon) based months below which start every Agricultural month on the date of New Moon day.

If you are New to this system of keeping weeks built upon New Moon months, please use the more usual dates provided at:
• The top right hand corner of every calendar for the date of the New Moon.
• And at the bottom right hand corner giving the ‘day of the usual week’ in both the pagan name and the common adapted pagan name we are all use to.

We know learning new thing can be hard to wrap our heads around, but once this system is understood and applied, one can easily appreciate its simplicity and consistency of use.


Take a look at this past years calendars below, starting with the New Moon Month we are in right NOW…                      ↓










For any information on the usage of Lunar based Sabbaths as are according to the regulative principle of worship as ordained in the Natural world of YHWH God’s Creation, please do not hesitate to ask for more information at servant@renewedcovenantministry.com                                                                     ↓         




Last year 2019-2020:

This content is here for you learning and use!






Renewed Covenant Ministry is Taking the Calendar of the LORD YHWH seriously

According to Leviticus 23 The Appointed Times of YHWH are the revealed times of True Worship,
A Worship which would be expected to be Witnessed by Scripture Testimony and Evidential Creation;
Therefore as servants we desire to help Christians in this good work which the Father has ordained in Christ for us to walk in.
You should nevertheless STUDY TO SHOW YOUR SELF APPROVED on this matter and do so with your local congregation!
It is important for those who use the illustrative calendars of RNCM to remember this illustration is an average and picture of time, not an absolute for every time zone as determined by your day as determined in your location. Publishing this Illustrative Calendar is not intended to replace your understanding, but rather to aid in your understanding!

Notice for using the Calendars above:
The Gregorian month date in the right hand corner (2-24-2020) which appears on the RNCM Calendar is the date of the 1st day of the New Month, the New Moon. The 1st day of the new month is part of the prior month’s Sabbath (29th day and 30th day ), all the days together are part of the Feast of the New Moon which will always have a length of 2 or 3 days when combining the last Sabbath of the prior month with the day of the New Moon. Example of New Moon Sabbath festivals: 29th + 1st= New Moon Sabbath or 29th + 30th + 1st= New Moon Sabbath. The difference of 2 or 3 days of festivity is By YHWH God’s creation, not by the choice of man as it is dependant on the literal duration the lunation at that time, from last waning crescent to first waxing crescent, the time in-between, the dark moon is considered the New Moon; the New Moon Sabbath festival is ended by the visible crescent on the evening of the first day of the Month or by the enumeration of 3 days of festivity (in the event the waxing crescent moon is not seen on the 3rd day of the festival the celebration is still ended by default of reality).
Thus, from the date of the 1st day / the New Moon signals and determines the weekly 7th day Sabbath for that particular month’s rebuilding until the next Feast of New Moon rebuilds the next Month again.

**It should be noted that we are trying our best to predict the visible crescent moon to end our New Moon celebration but that is not an easy task with the limited amount of help and resources we have in doing so.


  It shall be established for ever as the moon, and as a faithful witness in heaven.

                                                                                                                             – Psalm 89:37

Have you ever consider the Calendar system we use today?

The modern Gregorian calendar system is a creation of man, being un-heavenly, un-natural and un-biblical in it’s system being in disregard of the Genesis 1:14-18 in regards to the lights of heaven: to determine it’s signs, seasons, days and years.
The Gregorian calendar system was remodeled by the Roman Catholic church under the supervision of Pope Gregory the 8th upon the original model called ‘the Julian calendar system’, originally endorsed by the Pagan Emperor Julius Caesar.
So todays ‘Christian calendar’ is a well known pagan creation with a Catholic taste!
Where did those 10 days go any way in 1582? and what day is it any how as we establish an international date line?

Interested in the subject of a Biblical Heavenly Calendar?

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