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The LORD's Supper: Pascha pt.3 Analogy of Biblical Reality (SBS1-1(2018) ()

JS LOWTHER, Unknown Date
Part of the The LORD's Supper series, preached at a New Moon service

1Corinthians 5:7 is often the verse most Puffed Up to purport an apostolic prohibition of the Paschal Meal as revealed in Scripture.

This area is once again a subject of debate and confusion, yet it is not because of the lack of context, rather it is once again the over spiritulization of the Passover our Lord was crucified upon in preference to the Passover as taught by the Scriptures alone and observed by the Lord himself. Nevertheless, this out look and attitude is a very much needed part of the Christian Pascha, as it is intimately connected to the above verses of James, and this harmony of practical analogy used by Paul is of dire necessity in the House of God, his Church.

Let us expose the text and not ignore context. This discourse starts in the prior chapter when the words "puffed up" are used to discribe arogant men filled with spiritualizations of the way's once held, of course "puffed up" Paul anologically takes to the next level of application.

Tags: analogy, blood of Christ, blood of the new testament, christ our passover, crucifixion, cup of salvation, Easter, Eucharist, forgiveness of sin, lamb, lunar sabbath, new covenant, pasch, paschal, paschal meal, Passover, Puritanism, reformed theology, resurrection, sacrament, sunday, theonomy

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