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Remember the Memorial (SBS12-8(2018) ()

JS LOWTHER, March 24, 2018
Part of the What is TIME ? series, preached at a Bible study service

In Light of the Evidence
By reading Gen 1:14-18 to Genesis 2:2-3, and then to Exodus 20:8-11, and that to Exodus 31:13, and that to Leviticus 23 a pattern should appear based upon Scripture Alone (Sola Scriptora), to teach us to pay attention to the lights in the heaven for the determination of time as it pertains to the creator and His worship, as well as to the creation and their worship of the creator. Time is among the most universal aspects of life, no mater who you are or where you are, or what you are, as a creation you and all things are subject to time, and by such indisputable facts it is irrefutable that as Genesis 1 declares, that subjection is the Rule given to the lights of Heaven by the Creator. Thus, as those who are subject to time, when we chose to redeem that time with Godly Worship, such worship must be allocated by the Law of the Creator as it has been revealed both in the observable heavens and in the revealed Word as found in the Scriptures. We may by using God's decreed and established ordinances of the Heavens as will never pass away (PS 148) to understand from our location the necessary subjection we must bring ourselves under to align our selves with the the Law of He Who Is (YHWH) God. We have not been left 'in the dark' in regards to the prescription of the Sabbath, rather our self will blinds our eyes lest the Eternal light shine to bright.

Tags: 7th day, calendar, Commandments, feast, god's law, lord's day, memorial, New Moon, remember the sabbath, Sabbath, seasons, shew bread, signs, sola scriptora, torah, tota scriptora, trumpet

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