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A Study in to The Organic Laws of Marriage (Section I. Adam’s Marriage)

A study into

The Organic Law of Marriage

As prescribed by the Creator

Compiled by

Joshua Somerville Lowther


The Law of Adam’s Marriage

Section I.

The Foundations

(Understanding definitions by context)

In the over view of the creation of ADaM found at Gen 1:26, it is seen that YHWH had the creature of ADaM in mind; in Gen 1:27 the account is seen of YHWH creating a race of beings, made male and female, at this first instance the account of how woman was taken from man is not specified, yet from the Hebrew logic it is certainly able to be seen how the sexual union absorbed into this gender role as the first word for “male” here used is: ZKR

(H2145 זכר – From H2142; properly remembered, that is, a male…-H2142 zâka – A primitive root; properly to mark (so as to be recognized), that is, to remember; by implication to mention; also (as denominative from H2145) to be male: – X burn [incense], X earnestly, be male, (make) mention (of), be mindful, recount, record (-er), remember, make to be remembered)…

The word for “female” here used is: NQuBeH

(H5347 נקבה– From H5344; female (from the sexual form): – female, woman.

H5344 נקב nâqab -A primitive root; to puncture, literally (to perforate, with more or less violence) or figuratively (to specify, designate, libel): – appoint, blaspheme, bore, curse, express, with holes, name, pierce, strike through.)

   Not to be distasteful to the moderate Christian reader, though due to the nature of marriage and this study, it should be well noted that the male / ZKR is the remembered “mark maker” and the female / NQuBH is the punctured, perforated i.e. the one with the hole. It is Not mentioned to be over sexual, however in our modern society this straight forward Hebraic / biblical truth is unknown, and having it placed at the very creation of the adam as a defined principle for sexual conduct to be understood, in the descriptive Hebrew the genders specifically carry only this “heterosexual” value, truly God only had this intention for this people as the very definition of the words of what God created is a mate match, made fore each other.

   As well in Gen 1:27 the Hebrew text says האדם /H-ADaM, literally meaning ‘the ADaM’,.By comparison of the other one hundred and twenty five times this exact Hebrew phrase is used, as well as the specific ath he-adam / האדם את, it is not ever in strict use on one individual man, but rather to a specific group of man / men identified (as will be shown to be racial) adam being a singular and plural noun; for at this place YHWH God did not make just the individual being, the man Adam, but rather Adam’s whole race, a race of beings made after the image of God and named before their creation after their noticeable attribute of being ruddy or able to blush red, from the transparent skin given to them so that the hemoglobin / blood may show through.

âdâm: From H119; ruddy…

H119- ‘âdam: To show blood (in the face), that is, flush or turn rosy: – be (dyed, made) red (ruddy).

H1818- דּם – dâm: From H1826* (compare H119); blood (as that which when shed causes death) of man or an animal; by analogy the juice of the grape; figuratively (especially in the plural) bloodshed (that is, drops of blood): – blood (-y, -guiltiness, [-thirsty]), + innocent.

*In this instance the author believes Mr. Strong to be incorrect in his view on “dam” having been derived from “damam” (H1826), as naturally the addition of letters to the root is the logical construct, as well, the definition of “damam” is to be dumb, which logically would result from bleeding not the opposite. In the LXX Greek translation of the Hebrew Scriptures the name Adam is specified in the text as to distinguish the individual who has the name Adam and single him out from the created race of the ruddy people (h’adam).

It is important to keep focused in understanding this issue, as Adam was created as head of his people, and it is he who was the recorded progenitor of our Lord and Savior, the light and life of men, Jesu the Christ (see below, The Curse of the Woman (ASaH ADaM).

Below is a list where the LXX indicates the specific man Adam, while ALL other places in scripture the race of ADaM (blushing people) is mentioned generally as anthrop(on) / ανθρωπ(ον)(G444).

Gen_2:16, 2:19, 2:20, 2:21, 2:22, 2:23, 2:25, 3:8, 3:9, 3:12, 3:17; 3:20, 3:21, 3:22, 3:24, 4:1, 4:25, 5:1, 5:2, 5:3, 5:4, 5:5; Deut 32:8; 1Chr 1:1; Tob 8:6; Sir 40:1, 49:16.

Using the Hebrew text in conjunction with the the Greek LXX evidence is clear for the above fact.

An Examination

of the

red earth” Theory

   There is a rabbinical tradition that is expressed by Christian creationists which states that Adam was formed from “red earth/soil” known as adamah in the Hebrew and for this reason, they believe, God called humanities first father and mother “Adam”.

It is true that the general Hebrew word for all soil (red or otherwise) is “adamah”. Let us examine the logic of this definition as it applies to biblical adam, wither adam was named from the dust of the earth (adamah), which he and all other living breathing creatures were taken from, or wither God had another purpose for adam’s naming.

In Gen 1:25( “…and every thing that creepeth upon the earth האדמהH127 after his kind:”) is the first use of adamah, next AdaMH is found in direct relation to ADaM in Gen 2:5: where it is stated that “there was not a man (ADaM)H120 to till the ground.(ADaMH) H127…” and directly in Gen 2:7, And YHWHH3068 GodH430 formed (the)man (he-adam)H120 of the dust of the ground (adamah)H127 . So do the Rabbinical / creationist traditionalists (seminarians) have bearing? No. In and of it self and in direct counter proof Gen 2:19 specifically states that YHWH formed every beast or life from the ground (adamah), just as adam was taken from the adamah / ground, the Hebraic logic is present in the rabbinical tradition but the end conclusion of the logic is lacking greatly in this pressing point.

A Comprehensible Biblical Conclusion for The Earth

Thou madest him to have Dominion

over the works of thy hands; thou hast put all things under his feet:

Psalms 8:6

   The adamah (soil/earth/ground) in reference is once again not the root word, but “adam” (blush, show blood) is, which is rooted in “DaM” (blood). Thus ADaMaH is derived from ADaM, the “aH” suffixed to the word ADaM-aH places the meaning “of, from or for” to the word (As will be seen: Man is AYS /ISh and wo-man is AS-aH / IshaH,;in Hebrew and English for example). Thus, the soil/ earth / ADaMaH was made for, of and from ADaM in all respects, as well the “- aH” feminizes the word “ADaM”. Just as wo-man was named so because she was taken out of man and made for man, the earth was made for ADaM, as Psalm 8 tells plainly that God made ADaM to have Dominion over all the earth (ADaMaH) and all that therein is.

But Adam was not created until after (Gen 1:26) the earth / adamah (Gen 1:25)?

Yes, this is an indisputable fact of scripture, yet it is likewise indisputable that it was in the language of God for Adam to be made to have dominion of the land / earth (Gen 1:26-27) and to till the adamah (Gen 2:5), thus the nature of adam is to be an husband, in the agricultural sense, yet do not miss the word play, for YHWH made the adamah for adam- would this not be why the adam was the last in creation, to have dominion over the works of YHWH’s hand, and gave him not just the adamah but all that was made from it?

In the sense of woman being given to man and taken from him, adam was taken from the dust of the adamah, yet the adamah was given to adam before his creation to till and, by extension, to have dominion of the whole earth by YHWH’s blessing as specified in Gen 1:28. This is not a mandate with out clause as will be seen at “the fall”, it is a blessing given by YHWH in the nature of a mandate or commission, this blessing will be pure and expressed, or it will be a curse in the event that the adam desire is not to continue in that image and likeness of God (Elohim-אלהים) in which adam was created in order to posses this role. What is the end result of this poetry, this rhyme of thought and word?

This race of beings, Adam, was created for husbandry, and had a unique role as care taker of the earth and soil, not just that he was taken from the adamah / soil but that he was placed in a blessed state of mandate as YHWH God’s own representative people, having the unique ability to make the earth and it’s content subject to the image and likeness of God. Adam is in a marital like union with adamah, in the continuance this thought will be rhymed.

An address of this issue in not just to be done in the periphery, but in direct focus and connection with the subject of biblical marriage, for as is the proof to be set out by scripture, the very elements of the role of husband and wife, are that of there English titles, as well as there Hebrew ones, holistically all of this will culminate into a poetry written by God.

In an end answer: Adamah is linguistically rooted in adam, and spiritually adam was made for the care of the earth/adamah, it was in YHWH’s predestine mind to make adam to till the adamah and make the adamah to be tended by adam.

Let the Earth Bring Forth

Living Creatures After His Kind…

Picking up with Gen 2:18-20, a detailed understanding is given of how YHWH God gave the male /ZKR his female / NQuBH, telling us that God thought it not good for the adam to be alone, and seemingly God brought the adam every living creature / נפשׁ חיה ( NePiS cEYH) this is the exact Hebrew phase used to describe adam when YHWH breathed into their nostrils in Gen 2:7 and the adam became a living soul / נפשׁ חיה (NePiS cEYH), simply it means a breathing life, this is not the place of scripture in which the adam are said to have a “spirit”, in the sense of a being that out lasts the flesh, for all creatures are truly “living souls”. It is not because all living breathing things are NePiS cEYH, and God brought all of them upon the sixth day period of creation to the adam for naming, but for Adam there was not found an help meet / mate for him. Pay special notice to the peculiarity that this segment of holy writ presents for us, did YHWH God of all creation expect that adam would find a female or NQuBH among the other NePiS cEYH (im)? or did YHWH bring other peoples as well as the animals to see if the adam recognized his distinction from all other living souls? And (YHWH) brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them: and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof. Nevertheless, adam finds no mate for him, as if they were looking.

In Gen 2:21-25 the actual account of how YHWH made the NQuBH for the ZKR is found. God takes of the adam’s substance and makes a woman/ wife or Hebrew “ASaH” written in English often as ‘Ishah’ , Yet as a direct phonetic transliteration offers ASaH.

Gen 2:23 And (the) Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman (ASaH), because she was taken out of Man (AYSh).

Gen 2:24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife / woman (ASaH): and they shall be one flesh.

The actual account of how YHWH made the females for the males of Gen 1:27 and the logic of their creation and order is found from Genesis 1:26 – 2:25 .

God takes of the ADaM’s substance and makes woman (ASaH) as seen in 2:23, and herein states foundational decree and Maxim for marriage that reverberates throughout the whole scripture, a founding principle of marital law. God’s reason for making adam originates with himself, thereafter his order in setting forth adam’s life is offered as a plain and logical road map for Adam Man in pursuit of the dominion blessing as God originally set forth for his Covenant People.

An Out Line of Precedents


The Organic Law of Marriage

I. God made the ADaM (the blushing ones) in his image, after his likeness to have dominion over the soil (ADaMaH) and have dominion over all the earth.

A. In Letting them “have dominion” God has ordained the principle of provision for ones self to the end that men may have provision for man’s household. Gen 1:26

1. In work 2:5

2. In home 2:8

a. using his work and home in dominion and keeping to provide what his toil and home may offer by way of food and possession 2:9-14

3. In keeping by guarding and protecting 2:15

4. In awareness of the Commandments (Law) of YHWH 2:16-17

B. God says it is not good for the adam to be alone, and has made a way for adam to have an help mate. 2:18

1. Fathers (headship holders) are to be intimately engaged in helping their progeny find a help mate

2. The man should be actively looking with his head and making distinction in finding an aid in mating (for all purposes) particularly in the act of reproduction or multiplying. 1:27, 2:20-21

a. all formed life, every living breath, formed also of the ground (adamah) is not the same as the Adam and is not fit for him to take as a help mate (meet). 2:20

1. bestiality is abhorrent

a. misce-genation is abhorrent

C. male (ZKR/ mark makers) and female (NQuBH, marked, or punctured) created he them. 1:27

1. homosexuality is abhorrent

2. the woman is taken from the man’s own people, his own kind, his own genetic people. 2:21

a. mono- genation is endorsed (racial purity)

D. the Head’s of the male and female are in agreement and permitting mating . 2:22-23

1. Dowry is to be paid from the substance of the male 2:21-22

2. The Head brings the woman who is suitable to his son (paternal blessing) 2:22

3. The son excepts from his head that this woman is suitable

a. through God’s will for Adam

b.of the same bone and flesh, and thus racially identical

(as skull / bone types and flesh type are racial identifiers in fact).

c. by lawful authority of headship

E. Therefore shall a man leave / his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. 2:24 (The “leave” is the Hebrew word / CaN – כןH3651 in the sense be able to stand alone. The cleaving is the word dabq-H1692-דּבק dabaq is also translated overtaking and keeping: used frequently to refer to men over taking others in battle, in pursuit, as well as men’s connection with there inherited ancestral lands.)

1. to leave or stand alone would revert to the a fore mentioned principles of provision

2. the cleaving would by definition imply the keeping as a thing to be taken and held in inheritance.

3. the one flesh is the headship structure in which the man now holds with his wife as one body

a. in the event that the woman is resistant to her husbands authority as Head of the body the body is broken if unhealed; due to the hardness of the woman’s heart in not treating her husband as her head the body is dissolved and casting out / divorce is optioned to save the man’s dominion, multiplied fruit or his children’s blessing.

b. in the event that a husband’s heart is hard towards his wife in not cleaving to her as his cherished possession and inheritance in giving her those things necessary to provide by his cleaving and dominion such as:

1. food 2:8, 2:15-16

2.clothing / covering / home 2:15

3. Cohabitation 2:18

(The Above order may be seen clearly in Exo 21:10 as it pertains to the having of multiple wives, yet the standard is set, that a poor provider or a negligent one has no right to a woman via judgment.)

c. in the event of maiming abuse such a Husband is unfit as Head of a body, not nourishing or cherishing his wife as his own flesh and bone as specified in Exo 21:20,26. 2:23

F. An adam and his ASaH should be naked (knowledgeable) one with each other and be unashamed.

(This is part of the holistic creation, that the race of Adam with their women are fully knowledgeable of the Headship order of creation YHWH God made them to be in as Men (ZKR / AYS) and Women (NQuBH and ASaH). 2:25

B. God gave the blessing for adam to be (able to be) fruitful and multiply, and replenish; and for the Earth to be subdued, with all the life upon it to be dominated by the adam. 1:28-30, 2:18-20

Here above are elementary principals of Organic law revealed by Holy Scripture,

as expounded for this compilation.

The very first giving of the Law

    To center the focus and for the reader to see more of the whole picture; let us go back to the very first giving of the Law of YHWH God to the ADaM.

(This work will not get into the in-depth nature of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, but rather I will give a simple over view, the reader must thus study themselves to be approved by God as a worker needing not to be ashamed / confounded.)

The tree is both spiritual and physical, just as the stone tablets of the covenant written with the literal finger of spiritual God was, the tree of knowledge of good and evil is the Law of God in some sense physically, while spiritually the law is written on the heart and mind of the ADaM NePiS cEYH, as he is made in the (spiritual) image and likeness of God (elohim / judge), the ADaM are gods / judges (Psalms 82:6 and John 10:34). The Law of God is the knowledge of good and evil, it teaches us the conduct of YHWH God and places in perspective YHWH God’s fact of what good and evil is (Deut 30:15, 32:35-37, 1:39, Prov 3:1-18-26, 11:30-31, 13:1-15,15:1-6, Rom 7:7, 1 Cor 15:56).

The afore listed verses are varied in order to show the true biblical teaching of what these trees are in Gen 2:9, notice the trees that are obvious for beauty and food alone are separate from the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, both being in the midst / middle of the garden planted with the intent for the ADaM to dwell in and till. (Gen 2:15) and here is the summation of Law: Gen 2:16 And YHWH God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat:

Gen 2:17 But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.

At this point in scripture it is absolutely aware that the ADaM is on notice that the wage of his sin is DEATH, and as 1 John 3:4 says plainly that “sin is transgression of the law”, and Rom 6:23 shows as well that the wage or fine of sin is death, the capital offense for transgression of law is ultimately Death. ADaM is thus made aware that he both physically and spiritually will die if this law is transgressed. The law is for them to not eat the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and thus to only know the taste of all other trees for food including the tree of life. Spiritually, the tree of life must be eternal life as Revelation 2:7; 22:2,14 doth show; as well as that which sustains physical life, for there is no need of food, especially a tree of life, if it is not to sustain life, living.

Notice: Rev 22:14 Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city. It is hereafter that YHWH gives the ADaM AYSh his ASaH, so it is that: “An ADaM AYSh should know the Laws of YHWH God”.


The chapter starts with the beginning of what is called “the fall”; The ADaM is indeed in care of the Garden of Eden, and seemingly or literally a special serpent endowed, at least temporarily, with the powers of communication lives there as well .

While it may seem out side of the scope of the Organic Law to consider the nature of the Serpent it is for the Biblical Christian not so, as the first marital debacle is found at the being of the Serpent.

    1. In the Hebrew and Greek texts of Scripture the strongest probability is found that this Serpent was a literal snake.

    2. It must be considered that delusion of mind and emotion is muddled when lust, desire and hunger are in the mix. While the Serpent was authentic it was only an oracle as to expose the heart and mind of men.

    3. Elsewhere in scripture a beast of the field is said to be endowed with communication as to show a prophet his folly, in the story of Balaam in Numbers 22:28- an ass is endowed with communication to this end. Yet as point 2 Indicates, and the below listings of curses considers more so, the representation of the Serpent is that of deception, covetous and sin, yet it needed not to be so as the Serpent did not lie he just simply offered the truth for consideration. The story of the Serpent and the Woman could as simply be relayed from the non-fallen standpoint if the woman had responded in defense of God’s Law by her life and actions as opposed to her words, then the story of the Serpent would be be more so the story of Joseph and Potiphar’s wife rather than the story of Sin’s reign.

The woman (ASaH) and her husband (AYSh) are present at the instance of transgression, yet the AYSh does not object to his woman’s communication with a serpent about breaking YHWH God’s Law, this in disregard of ADaM’s duty to “cleave” to his wife (ASaH), as to cleave in the Hebrew indicates a closeness as well as an over taking or pursuit, ADaM should have controlled his woman’s actions. The serpent communes in 3:4-5 that the ADaM will not die , in derogation of YHWH’s judgment declared to the ADaM; as well he tempts the ASaH with the knowledge of becoming wise, to know good and evil, just as God himself, and that they would truly be Gods (elohim / judges).

Apparently being in God’s own image and likeness was not good enough, the essence of this first transgression is in the first commandment given to Israel threw Moses, Ex 20:2-3: I am YHWH thy God (elohim),… Thou shalt have no other gods (elohim) before me.

The transgression first took place in the woman as the apostles taught us, being a weaker vessel and more prone to transgression due to her creation make up (1 Tim 2:9-15, 1 Pet 3:7), the AYSh was in his transgression by not protecting his flesh and bone (body) from transgression, yet it is apparent that ADaM was in transgression and coveting to be beside God as much as his wife.

In speculate, ADaM’s reason may have been that he trusted the serpent before or after the woman ate the fruit, that they would not die, and being able to have the knowledge of good and evil would possibly relieve the death penalty by their new state of knowledge, having the power of Gods.

At 3:7, the first knowledge they had was that of being naked before each other, and by this they felt the need to cover there nakedness. With the knowledge of good and evil came the apparent evil of disobeying God’s law, and then the next apparent evil of the woman’s initiate actions along with ADaM’s in-actions. The AYSh and ASaH had become shamed of there ‘gender role’, there was a power struggle as had not existed previous to this transgression, the two were perfectly comfortable as being ZKR and NQuBH, and AYSh and ASaH; they now had become able to judge (elohim) as YHWH- good and evil ran rampant in the mind and no justification other than selfishness is seen, and the new knowledge acquired only confirmed the death promised to them afore as justice needed to be paid (wages / fines) due to this transgression.

Turning back more towards the blessing mandate of Gen 1:26 and keeping in mind the out line of organic law above, consider.

The blessing YHWH gave was for the ADaM to be (able to be) fruitful and multiply, and replenish; and for the Earth to be subdued, with all the life upon it to be dominated by the ADaM. This blessing was contingent on the ADaM being in the likeness and image of God, one may argue that this spiritual appearance exists despite ADaM’s morals, yet history and perception with out God’s laws of right and wrong or better said “good and evil” show that all of ADaM’s “accomplishments” are accounted dung when lacking the drive to attain the tree of life, for what little bit physical ADaM can do, which seems great, may only be the slight power of the incarnate image and likeness of God lacking His spirit. As well most all ADaM’s accomplishments are proof of the ignorance of his mandate, as they are to resist the curse incurred by “the fall”.

Notice as YHWH makes Him self known; ADaM and his ASaH even hide themselves from the face of YHWH… the excuse? That he hid due to his nudity- perhaps, as the power struggle between AYSh and ASaH occurred so did ADaM hide his nakedness from YHWH his father or headship being? What was ADaM afraid of in his nakedness, his true created form towards his creator, other than his inferiority beside YHWH God?

Investigation, Testimony



Immediately knowing the repercussions of His creation’s violation of His commands and thus having the obvious knowledge of Good and evil, YHWH swiftly investigates. The key points offered are only pointed out pertaining to the subject of marriage: The ADaM’s testimony is that he was given the tree by the woman YHWH gave him, the woman’s testimony is revealing into the nature of the new acquired knowledge as she uses the word beguiled or deceived to pass the blame (yet not to over look ADaM, just as guilty as the woman in his following her), as her deception was that she: would not die, that she would have her eyes open and be like God knowing good and evil.

The desire for the ASaH to eat and not die and to be made aware that YHWH God was by this prohibition holding back god-ship is witness of there wish to be against God, as they knew God’s punishment ahead. It is intriguing that God did not use any “normal” being to prove /test the ADaM this first time, but He used a serpent endowed with communication, as if the AYS and ASaH needed to question the situation beyond that, if they had been in their right mind.

The Curse of the Serpent,

is in his way of being, as no mention of the serpent ever having legs is mentioned, it is assumed that his punishment to not be much different than his former existence, with the exception of the generational enmity. Enmity which sizes up the deception of sin / transgression of God’s Law with that of a communicating serpent (it sounds great but it will eventually bite you). The old serpent is the devil and Satan as the Revelation letter teaches us, the symbol of deceptive sin. It is he whom the seed of the woman (ASaH ADaM) will due battle with, paying special note to “her seed”, as the seed is reckoned through the male loins. The scripture is using the curse upon the serpent as a literal allegory, that sin is as a serpent, and enmity between the old serpent, the devil ( G1228 diabolos- From G1225; a traducer; specifically Satan (compare [H7854]): – false accuser, devil, slanderer.) and satan (From H7853; an opponent; especially (with the article prefixed) Satan, the arch enemy of good: – adversary, Satan, withstand.) is the generational curse not so much upon the literal serpent but upon the seeds, for even the serpent’s curse is upon “her seed”, more importantly than the serpents; and the dust to be eaten very well may be a way to indicate the many creatures to be consumed by the fall of the ADaM, as they are all made of dust.

The Curse of the Woman (ASaH ADaM),

is in direct connection with her natural role as NQuBH, as the curse upon the serpent has confirmed that the woman will have seed, thus it is not that she at her curse received conception or child bearing, but that her bringing forth of children would have it’s sorrows greatly multiplied (as indicates sorrow existed un multiplied), as well her conception related activities- just as the blessing mandate was given for the ZKR and the NQuBH to be fruitful and multiply, this curse is placed at its direct opposition. There after YHWH tells the ASaH that “thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee”, there are two ways, both being correct to understand this portion of the curse, as these curses are in direct opposition to the blessing. The meaning of this is that of the first consequence of the transgression, that the nakedness of the pair became apparent, the role of gender as established by YHWH was fought against, the ZKR was first, then the NQuBH was made for the ZKR in form and activity, the AYSh and taken from him was the ASaH. As all other laws which would have been part of that natural spirit, that image and likeness of God which the ADaM was made in, an imbued constitution of good and life, so was the gender role perfectly established and codified by Moses for Israel from YHWH God: Both the husband and the woman are here after the fall subject to the curse of the law, as before they had no need of law, for it was not added till that transgression.

Yet another more direct translation of Gen 3:16, right from the Hebrew says ” …thou shalt bring forth children (un)to thy AYSh thou desirest and he shall rule”, notice that it is “thy AYSh thou desirest”, procreation is not her desire, it is perhaps that the pro-genitive process is the reminder of the curse, in that in pain and sorrow the woman brings forth the desired man’s children and it is the constant reminder that her man should rule her, as he failed her in the garden so she failed miserably at ruling. There is yet another way of understanding, more heavily leaning upon the LXX translation, that the “submission” of the woman as the Greek LXX places the word “submission” in place of the KJV “desire”, which however the Greek word from whence submission was “translated” is only done so twice in the whole Greek LXX as well as the Greek New Testament; the word apostrephō (G654– From G575 and G4762; to turn away or back (literally or figuratively): – bring again, pervert, turn away (from) is generally translated “turn away” as from evil or good (Act 3:26), or “return” as to a thing (such as Abram’s descendants returning to Cannan Gen 15:16), thus the Greek would place the meaning of desire as a turning or returning, and thus she desires to return to her husband, as before the “beguilement” and fall to transgression.

So what is the final conclusion being offered?

That the curse of sorrows in conception and child bearing was multiplied, causing the woman to return desire towards the man which is the ruler. This turning of desire will lead the Godly woman to the obvious conclusion of submission to her husband in Godliness, and will cause the ungodly woman to the obvious conclusion of desiring to turn away in rebellion against the ruling man and thus the Creator.

For Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.

Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety.

1 Timothy 2:13-15

The curse of Men (AYSh ADaM),

is seen in how YHWH promptly puts his actions to shame, in his listening and his actions. The damnation is seen in the words, “and hast eaten…”, in derogation of YHWH’s own words of judgment prior to the transgression. Thus the curse put to the AYSh is his adamah / ground, the earth, the herbs and his bread all are hindered to be a blessing as the mandate gave the ADaM free ability to subdue and have dominion of all that was on it. As well the ADaM will forever till the adamah until he turns to dust and becomes part of the very dust he was taken from, just as adamah was made for ADaM and ADaM is to shew blood, so will the adamah receive the adams dam / blood- poetic justice? The thorns and thistles are now to hinder the blessing, not that it can’t be obtained in part but that out side of the garden of paradise from whence they will soon be expelled, the curse will run rampant causing men to toil immensely by the sweat of there face to eat bread.

ADaM’s Response to the Curse

As is demonstrated, all of the curses given at the fall are in direct opposition to the blessing mandate given at the ADaM’s creation, YHWH is truly just.

Hereafter the ADaM calls their women’s name “EVE”, or transliterated cEVH literally being “life or living” (H2331חוה ) same as in NePiS cEYH (living soul / creature) previously discussed, cEYH being the same word in a different tense, as is the actual root word used here when said “…because she was the mother of all living (cEY / חי).” The ADaM’s reason for this choice is told us, as she was mother to all cEY / life.

As the mono-genesis folk may here wish to point out that all races had thus descended from this one woman, a sober objection with greater reaching earnest expectation is offered. That this name was bestowed upon the women of adam as to acknowledge their mandate as mothers (AM /אם ) of ADaM as well as to the whole of creation, in the sense of the responsibility which is upon them to bless and curse the earth through their actions: all life truly depends on “her seed”, and from the womb of that fallen race will come Eternal Life generated of only a woman’s fleshly seed born under the law, and preserved only by the conception of sorrow through out the ages. Adam rightly so named her after the curses are spoken and all of creation does even after the birth of Jesus / Yhsu our eternal life wait for the revealing of the sons of God. This name given by Adam to his women has such a spiritual significance when one looks at the conception and birth of The Messiah, to limit the meaning of cEVH / Eve to be the literal mother of all life is both illogical and spiritually stifling.

This first reference as Mothers, lit. Hebrew AM, as our English ‘dam’ and French ‘Mad’am’ still bare witness of it’s origin. AM is a word to be used more so in

The Records of Our Fore-father’s Marriages (sec.II) as a deeper understanding of the thread which ties female, woman, and mothers all together as a special person within the Christian home, yet all facets are distinct as to her role in the marriage bed, the home, and the child’s life; yet here these elements of her place are all named. Not only does the NQuBH ASaH already have her place with her ZKR and AYSh as a mate and help meet but now as the mother of that which was lost, life, and that which is to come. She is both being blamed in her name and reminded of the hope found in the curse upon the Serpent, it is here that Christianity is born, the Hope of Eternal Life to be restored by the Seed of the Woman. (While the Biblical Christian culture is undoubtedly Patriarchal, this key Maternal necessity is overwhelmingly relevant.

The covering of shame

Hereafter YHWH makes coats for Adam and for the women, covering the nakedness which had become the first shame of the transgression. It is impossible to positively explain the mind of YHWH, but if this previous understanding is close to accurate, YHWH is here endorsing by law the covering of nakedness, and giving yet another layer between God and the adam, and between man and woman, perhaps to symbolize the curse as their first attempt was, in making aprons or in Hebrew chăgôr (H2290), which is used referring to a belt like garment, as a belt of war to hold a sword, or of sackcloth worn upon the nakedness, it may be that the apron was to do as a belt does to ensure the clothing to stay, while here in Gen 3:21, the coats of skin was to endorse the shame the AYSh and ASaH felt.

It is well known that all forms of spiritual beings are mentioned as having garments of white and so forth, it is not therefore to far fetched to believe that the adam was in a clothed form even shortly after his creation, for even in the final kingdom, the new Jerusalem, and paradise with the tree of life in the midst, white robes are worn. For example in Daniel 7:9, “the Ancient of Days”, a manifestation of God is not seen naked but in a garment of white, and throughout the Revelation letter those dressed in robes, garments and vestures of white are mentioned numerous times. For whatever reason, the adam is created with the want to cover his “shame” and be clothed even from the time of his creation, as no mention is ever made of a spiritual being or manifestation as being naked- for if any are with out sin, such as God or angel, no need of clothing due to the law of the fall would compel them to be clothed, they would yet be “unashamed”.

Further on this matter, as it has a weighty bearing on the marital law in its very origin, note: the adam and his women are said to be “naked and not ashamed”, just to let us know that he and she were naked would suffice, but especially it is said that in opposition to shame- he was, as if to express the comfort of marriage and bearing no shame of who you are before your mate. The precept of nakedness is that of being a physical representation of the intimate spiritual relationship a man and woman share, only with each other after the bond of matrimony is enacted and sealed by the act of “mating”, being ZKR and NQuBH together and cleaving, the AYSh to the ASaH in every sense, is a foundation stone of biblical marriage. In YHWH God’s word it can poetically harmonize every act of a man with his woman, it is the base line of adam’s standing with God and with his/her mate.

Any who may read from general society, from a past or present non-Christian perspective may deem the lode acts of nudity or sexuality, esteemed lightly, as proof that this sacredness of nudity does not exists, and that many men and women with no bond can easily look or partake of the others nakedness with out shame and as concerning those who have no shame it is on its face further proof of the curses deep root in out modern and ancient societies, adam men wish to stand quietly while the women take the male role and so long as selfish desire is fulfilled in one way or another for the man he freely gives away his blessing in exchange for a curse, the women are reduced to exhaustively preventing or killing un wanted offspring, further proving their curse’s root in conception, and desiring to be in the authoritative position God gave the man… the man that doesn’t want it.

As pointed out above about the “aprons”/girdles the fallen made: this could be deduced to mean that the wearer wished to keep others from his/her nakedness, placing themselves alone as the revealer, and guardian, not just of the nakedness of the flesh but of the gender role they were made for, which is known and evident by the anatomy YHWH gave male/ZKR and female/NQuBH, in that the female was made for the soul purpose of mating and helping the male to not be alone and to reproduce- which further helps the adam in not being alone.

Please, remember this spiritual philosophy in the continuance.

The serpent wasn’t lying?

After the manufacturing of the skin coats, YHWH is recorded to have stated that which the serpent communicated to the ASaH upon the time of the temptation: that the adam, indeed, did become as God/judge (elohim), to know good and evil- the seeming “fear” was that they who have this judgment, now knowing evil not just good, would continue eating of the tree of life and thus continuing to live forever. Most students of the bible do not see here in scripture that YHWH imposed death upon the adam by taking away the tree of life, for that is the judgment of the promise made that they shall surly die, the curse itself was not an invocation of death, but rather the expulsion of the adam from Eden in taking away the tree of life was the final judgment , as told in :Gen 3:23-24 …to till the ground from whence he was taken. So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life.

The keeping of the tree of life from the adam is the true death sentence.

Notice :

To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise (Eden) of God.

Revelation 2:7

In the midst of the street of it (the Holy city), and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.

Revelation 22:2

Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.

Revelation 22:14

Special notice should be taken for Rev 22:14, that specifically teach us that doers of His commandments are those who will have RIGHT (G1849-exousia

From G1832 (in the sense of ability); privilege, that is, (subjectively) force, capacity, competency, freedom, or (objectively) mastery (concretely magistrate, superhuman, potentate, token of control), delegated influence: – authority, jurisdiction, liberty, power, right, strength.), to the tree of life in eternity. By this statement alone deduction is able to be made that the original state of the adam was one of perfect righteousness, having no need for the knowledge of good and evil (the Law of God) for they only knew obedience, having that spiritual likeness and image of God himself, yet in this present “fallen” state we have become as God in our knowing of both good and evil, the law and commandments are then death to us when we are condemned time and again with our failure at keeping His law perfectly indeed not just in the willingness ( Romans 6&7), for insomuch as the fall indeed did make us as God, we are not perfect as He is, thus our knowledge will only lead to know our fallen state the more, and this is the revelation of the Law of God, it is the knowledge of sin, of good and evil, and in our flesh dwelleth no good thing.

And it is here that we venture in to the Law, to see why in our flesh we must be governed by this knowledge of good and evil, for to do the law is to return to that spiritual image and likeness, for we know that the law is spiritual: but we are carnal, sold under sin (Rom 7:14); for the Law shows us the will of God the creator and as long as we live by it we shall be striving against the curse, and towards the blessing mandate and by our adherence we shall condition our minds and bodies to be good, to choose life, to HAVE RIGHT TO THAT TREE OF LIFE and live forever, as it pertains to marriage, we shall endeavor to see the good YHWH wishes us to make part of our heart, mind and soul.

There is no law contained in Moses’ codification that has not its base in Genesis 1-3.

Leaving off of our original fallen ancestors in Genesis 1-3( The Law of Adam’s Marriage), let us move onto a further study of Biblical Organic Law as found in

 The Records of Our Fore-Fathers Marriages (Section. II)

This concludes the first section in this series on Organic Law and Biblical marriage.

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