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About JS Lowther

Foremost I know that I am a chief sinner saved by Grace. I am a servant of YHWH Almighty the one true God Who is Father, Son and Spirit. I believe in God's only begotten and perfect Son Jesu(s) Christ whose redemption power of my soul I have Faith in and testify of. Having been redeemed by the blood of Christ, I wish to no longer spend my time in the lusts of the flesh and of this world, but to promote the Gospel of the Kingdom by means of the knowledge of the New Covenant, a reNewal of the Covenant God made with his people Israel in the blood of Christ (Jer 31:31 and Heb 8:8) whereby He writes His Law upon the Heart and Mind beside the forgiveness of sin and transgressions. I believe Christ Jesus is the incarnate Son of God as the WORD made flesh, and the son of man born of the virgin Mary conceived of the Holy Spirit: I believe Christ Jesus Lived a perfect life for us as a living sacrifice as well as a pattern of the Sanctified newness of life a believer has in Him, I believe Christ Jesus died a cursed death on the Cross for His people of Covenant who are sinners, and I believe in Christ Jesus who Resurrected with power from Death from the grave to Justify the offenders. This is the same Jesus who is indeed the Son of David and king of Israel, who is both LORD and Christ over all the kings and dominions of the earth! In the fullness of time YHWH will regather his people under the Head of the Church, Jesu(s) Christ to affect his will according to the Lord's prayer, Psalm 2, 8 and 110 as well as Genesis 1:26. The focus of my administration of the Gospel is like unto my Lord's who said "I have come not but for the lost sheep of the house of Israel.."(Mathew 15:24), and so I have come to my European kinsman according to the flesh. It is my mission to show the Israel of God the Salvation which is taught by Scripture Alone and offered in all ages by Grace Alone through Faith Alone in the work of Christ Alone to the Glory of GOD Alone. As a modern day Puritan separatist it is my goal to purify the church of Christ with Faith heretofore stated. I am studying to show my self approved, if you have any questions just ask!

Last Sabbath’s Words: Leviticus ch.2-3, Worship, 1 Peter 4 Exposition

“Christians, the Church of a Nation are the beginning of Judgment in the nation they are of, but are strange to because of the holiness they follow from the Law of God.
Like Paul said in 1Timothy 3:15 that the church is the pillar and the ground of the truth, so says Peter that the Church of a Nation is the beginning of Judgment, right Judgment because they stand upon the abiding eternal and infallible Word of God. ” Continue reading

Words from last Sabbath: Started Leviticus Bible Study, Worship & 1 Peter 3:8-4-6 exposition

 In this post you will find our 3 download or streaming audio files available to you: Our morning AM Bible Study, In this class we have begun a study in the book of Leviticus: Leviticus chapter 1 Our Evening Message: Expository book Study of the Epistle of 1 Peter, “From Babes to a Holy Nation“, In this sermon and bible study message we will be covering chapters 3:8-4:6 as we look at how we are to arm ourselves with the wisdom that flows out of Christ’s suffering and resurrection in light of the knowledge of predestined Election. And, Our Sabbath … Continue reading

Messages from last Sabbath (AM Sabbath School study on Justification and sanctification, Worship & 1 Peter Expo part 4)

 In this post you will find our 3 download or streaming audio files available to you: Our morning AM Bible Study, In this class we are generally discussing and explaining the Our General Doctrines, which you can find on our cover page of this website, in this class we’ll be discussing and distinguishing the cohesion of 2 distinctive points: Justification by Grace through God’s will of predestination and Sanctification in life and unto glory: pt.6 Our General Doctrine: Discussion of Justification and Sanctification Our Evening Message: Expository book Study of the Epistle of 1 Peter, “From Babes to a Holy … Continue reading

7th Month 2023 (Tabernacle / Ingathering, Trumpets, Atonements)

Worship and Messages 2023 Feast of Tabernacles & Ingathering Here is also the message offered on the 2 prior feast days of the 7th moonth: Trumpets New Moon- 2023 Atonement Preparation- 2023

Feast of Ingathering & Tabernacles 2023 (first day and on going)

Greetings! There will not be much online time here on account of ongoing feast of Ingathering & Tabernacles 2023 happening here in SE Ohio, but here is the worship, lessons and messages we recorded so far for the remote listeners and future down loaders. We have a few distinctive features of the fellowship and Worship we are striving to maintain here on the homefront, I’ll take some time to explain how some this works: On the First sabbath of the Feast of the 7th Moonth (Ingathering / Tabernacles) which was October Sunday 29th we begin our Week on the evening … Continue reading