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pt.2 Brotherhood & Brotherly Love: Brothers Born for Adversity

Proverbs 17:17-18  A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity. Continue reading

Spread the Seed of the Word of God

Brotherhood & Brotherly Love (Proto message NEW SERIES)

In this message we will consider the Origin of Brotherhood and Brotherly Love as it is reveled to us from scripture.
1. The need for the Holy Spirit with the Word of God to ask the LORD to lead us in His Path on all maters, including this one.
2. The organic residency of the Brotherhood as rooted in family order and kinship.
3. The intrinsic nature of brotherly Love as rooted in Faith unto Salvation.
We will use these concepts to consider the first 3 generations of Adam’s Children as recorded, as well as how the familial and faithful brotherhood was instrumentally used by YHWH in giving Prophets and Elders to His Covenant People Israel as is the example we have today to walk in, in a perfect order for Government. Continue reading

Spread the Seed of the Word of God

The Elect Lady, a Lordess with Her LORD (2 John Expo)

This message is An Exposition of the Book of 2 John.
In this Bible Study Message we will be covering all of the book of 2 John. We will discuss what a Election is, what a Lady is and some biblical examples  her economy in the home under her Lord as an administratess of his familial Law in Love and Truth. As well we will consider the warning losing the works of love and truth as well as how to deal with those who are against the Elect Ladies families origin.  Continue reading

Spread the Seed of the Word of God

Part 14 1 Timothy 5:2-16 (Mother, Sister, Widow, Family, Nation)

While many dote about fables with an impressive genealogy of question begetting question, in this study as with the last “Father, Brother, Family, Nation) we are looking at the Household Law of God that is in Faith which stops the stupidity of the mysterious questions and gives answers which teach absolute truth and verity from the source of all truth, the Word of YHWH GOD-Ruler of Heaven and Earth!

There is a consistent morality taught by the Eternal God that is the original intention of the statements of Paul in 1 Tomothy 5:2-16, Before all else and every meaning one can imply into Paul’s words from out side of scripture concerning the care of widows we should understand this context from the primary perspective of the Law and Commandments of God as the consistent Christian verity concerning widows. In this study we look at Moses perfect solutions to these issues, as we see the perfect case example of faithful Boaz taking care of his own kindred, Ruth and Naomi (in the book of Ruth), as church man of his Family, kindred and Nation perfectly in order with the words of the inspired Apostle Paul. Continue reading

Spread the Seed of the Word of God

Covenant Marriage: Its design, its purpose and its necessity

This is a message aimed at every Christian couple engaged in marriage, contemplating marriage, or preparing to enter into marriage to cause a serious meditation on the nature of the Covenant which Marriage encapsulates in what is to be a sacred bond as pure as Christ’s love for the church. Continue reading

Spread the Seed of the Word of God