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True Reformation 1: The Reforming of the Church according to Scripture (SBS 2-8(2018) ()

JS LOWTHER, May 22, 2018
Part of the True Reformation series, preached at a Sabbath service

And if ye will not be reformed... Then will I also walk contrary unto you...

The Reform YHWH God was looking for was a return to the walk he has with his Church before the contrary rebellion, “If ye walk in my statutes, and keep my commandments, and do them...”. The contrary walk was away from God's Law, away from His Statutes and Judgments, a reform which would keep His sabbaths, and reverence His sanctuary, and thereby shatter and tear down all Idols in place of YHWH Alone, which would in fact, when walking in that direction with God, establish the Nation, and by implementing the laws of the prior chapter 25 in relation to inheritance and bondage it would repeal the God ordained bondage given to other peoples over Israel and of the wicked of the children of Israel who ruled with rigor over their own brothers, and the Land would be established in the hand of the people by God's Law once again; within this frame work True Reformation is made solely by the Law of God, which by course and of course but be preceded by Faith in the God who gave the Law by HIS WORD, thus establishing the Reform to be in fact by Faith Alone in it's origin. This is Biblical Reformed Theology.

Tags: 1John 2, Christian walk, church reform, faith alone, law, Law of God, Leviticus 26, reform, reformation, reformed theology, repentance, scripture alone, sola scriptora, torah, tota scriptora

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