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Listen to and study with JS Lowther on subjects pertaining to Biblical Reality, as well as other ministers on Biblical topics relevant to the New Covenant Christian Life.



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What is the (Holy) Spirit? pt.1 (Sabbath Bible Study 3-15 (2017) ()

JS LOWTHER, July 9, 2017
Part of the What is the (HOLY) SPIRIT? series, preached at a Sabbath service

The Spirit, Holy Spirit (Ghost),Spirit of God, Spirit of the LORD / YHWH, is in the focus of this stud; as an attempt to draw much needed attention to the function of the Spirit in the New Covenant life for the Renewed Israelite in Christ, by a Biblically Realistic approach.
In accordance with the dictates of the New Covenant via Jer 31 & Heb 8, the New Covenant in the Blood of Christ was to write YHWH God's Law upon the Covenanted's Heart, Mind and inward parts, forgive Sin, transgression and iniquity as well as teach those Renewed by the Covenant to KNOW THE LORD YHWH, all of this is accomplished by the direction, influence, out pouring and Filling of the Faithful Believing Israelite with the Holy Spirit of God, Truth and Wisdom.
Please consider the above as we challenge those long held sunday school traditions by professing the Truth of God's WORD.

Tags: Acts 2, filled with the spirit, holy ghost, Holy spirit, Psalm 51, renewed heart, spirit of God, truth, upright spirit, wisdom

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