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WHAT IS THE (HOLY) SPIRIT? pt. 7 (Sabbath Bible Study 4-22(2017) Ephesians 4-6 ()

JS LOWTHER, August 14, 2017
Part of the What is the (HOLY) SPIRIT? series, preached at a Bible study service

This is a continuation of a series of the same name and specifically of the prior part 6 which is also on the Spirit and the Epistle of Ephesians.

The subjects of Christ's kingship and dominion over the earth offered and proclaimed in PS 2, 8 and 110 have been a much needed and lacking part of understand in the role and function of the Holy Spirit: it's gifts, fruits and effects upon the life of the redeemed Nation or Gentile of Israel. The Idea of the Holy Spirit having a solely individual function, a loving function and a mystical function as often taught in Sunday schools across the world is dimmed in the back drop of the forefront function of the Spirit and it's role on this earth via Christ's Church and brethren of Israel's race; while the miraculous and so called spiritual or super natural is undoubtedly an attribute of the Spirit of God / the holy Spirit the primary function is that which has been since the breath of Christ as the word of God was first breathed upon the waters of this earth, a function that again: takes the unformed, void and darkness of this world and illuminates it by His Spirit of Creation and Order, commanding that the world be made decently and in order (Gen_1:2-3, 1Co_14:40)...that Christ might be ALL IN ALL, King of Kings and Lord of Lords to the glory of the Father YHWH ruling at his right hand with the World under His Feet by the shoeing of the Gospel and the war of the Sword of the SPIRIT, the WORD of God wounding the head of Enemy principalities and powers, the rulers of the darkness of this world, that CHRIST MAY BE ALL IN ALL!
HE SHALL Lead Sin and Death by the Flesh Captive by an ARMY of Redeemed captives!

Tags: Children, Christ the King, Christ the Lord, Christendom, Christian Israel, church government, church order, dominion, HaKodesh Ruach, holy ghost, Holy spirit, Husband and wives, israel identity, Law and Grace, Lordship, lunar sabba, Sabbath bible study

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