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Answers from the Pentateuch pt.4- God hath made Adam Upright: Genesis 2


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Compiled by JS LOWTHER



Answers from the Pentateuch


Part 4

God Hath Made Adam Upright;




 1Pe_3:15-16 …Sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear: 16  Having a good conscience; that, whereas they speak evil of you, as of evildoers, they may be ashamed that falsely accuse your good conversation in Christ.



An Out Line of  Precedents


The Organic Law of Marriage


I. God made the ADaM (the blushing ones) in his image, after his likeness have dominion over the soil (ADaMaH) and have dominion over all the earth.


A. In Letting them “have dominion” God has ordained the principle of provision for ones self to the end that men may have provision for man’s household. Gen 1:26


1. In work 2:5

2. In home 2:8

a. using his work and home in dominion and keeping to provide what  his toil and home may offer  by way of food and possession 2:9-14

3. In keeping by guarding and protecting 2:15

4. In awareness of the Commandments (Law) of YHWH 2:16-17


B. God says it is not good for the adam to be alone, and has made a way for adam to have an help mate. 2:18

1. Fathers (headship holders) are to be intimately engaged in helping their progeny find a help mate

2. The man should be actively looking with his head and making distinction in finding an aid in mating (for all purposes) particularly in the act of reproduction or multiplying. 1:27, 2:20-21

     a. all formed life, every living breath, formed also of the ground (adamah) is not the same as the Adam

and is not fit for him to take as a help mate (meet). 2:20

                  1. bestiality is abhorrent

a. miscegenation is abhorrent

 C. male (ZKR/ mark makers) and female (NQuBH, marked, or punctured) created he them. 1:27

            1. homosexuality is abhorrent

2. the woman is taken from the man’s own people, his own kind, his own genetic people. 2:21

a. monogenation is endorsed (racial purity)

D. the Head’s of the male and female are in agreement and permitting  mating . 2:22-23

1.  Dowry is to be paid from the substance of the male 2:21-22

2. The Head brings the woman who is suitable to his son (paternal blessing) 2:22

3. The son excepts from his head that this woman is suitable

a. through God’s will for Adam

b. of the same bone and flesh, and thus racially identical

(as skull / bone types and flesh type are racial identifiers in fact).

c.  by lawful authority of headship

E. Therefore shall a man leave / his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.2:24

1. to leave or stand alone would revert to the a fore mentioned principles of provision

2. the cleaving would by definition imply the keeping as a thing to be taken and held in inheritance.

3. the one flesh is the headship structure in which the man now holds with his wife as one body

a. in the event that the woman is resistant to her husbands authority as Head of the body the body is broken if unhealed; due to the hardness of the woman’s heart in not treating her husband as her head the body is dissolved and casting out / divorce is optioned to save the man’s dominion, multiplied fruit or his children’s blessing.

b. in the event that a husband’s heart is hard towards his wife in not cleaving to her as his cherished possession and inheritance in giving her those things necessary to provide by his cleaving and dominion such as:

1. food 2:8, 2:15-16

2.clothing / covering / home 2:15

3. Cohabitation 2:18

(The Above order may be seen clearly in Exo_21:10 as it pertains to the having of multiple wives, yet the standard is set, that a poor provider or a negligent one has no right to a woman via judgment.)

c. in the event of maiming abuse such a Husband is unfit as Head of a body, not nourishing or cherishing his wife as his own flesh and bone as specified in Exo 21:20,26. 2:23


F. An adam and his ASaH should be naked (knowledgeable) one with each other and be unashamed.

(This is part of the holistic creation, that the race of Adam with their women are fully knowledgeable of the Headship order of creation YHWH God made them to be in as Men (ZKR / AYS) and Women (NQuBH and ASaH). 2:25


B. God gave the blessing for adam to be (able to be) fruitful and multiply, and replenish; and for the Earth to be subdued, with all the life upon it to be dominated by the adam. 1:28-30, 2:18-20


Here above are elementary principles of Organic law revealed by Holy Scripture,

as expounded for this compilation.


In entering into what most people call the fall, I wish to first build upon the information given last week as well as to point out the statment Solomon makes in: 

Ecc_7:29  Lo, this only have I found, that God hath made man (Lit. Ath Eh’ADaM / את־האדם ) upright; but they have sought out many inventions.

So when we consider Adamic man and the creation which YHWH God had made, it is by seeing what was prior said in Gen_1:26-28, that originally Adam as a people were made in the image and likeness of God, not only in the physical but also in the psychological, this is a word which has been shrouded with thoughts of sanity and insanity, yet it is a great  Greek derived word to speak of the soul and cognitive portion of a being; and when we consider Adam made in the likeness of the spiritual God we are left with no other thought than to understand that he was made sinless, as well he was endowed with the mind, heart and soul which was prone to love God and his first instinct was to be perfect like YHWH, yet also like YHWH Adamic man had a jealousy and a desire, unlike YHWH Adam is not self contained as eternal and immortal as he is flesh (this is controversial, but we will see the language in the text which offers us evidence that Adam without the tree of life was made to die from the beginning and he as flesh was dependent upon the fruit of that tree, to freely eat and live himself).

Here in Gen 1 we saw the duel nature of Adam as a spiritual being in his likeness and a physical being in his image; both came from YHWH God, yet neither were exactly like YHWH, rather they were copies, being “in our image and after our likeness”, yet nevertheless Man was created upright as Solomon clearly says, drawing his thoughts from this part of Genesis.

As well in the Marriage male and female were said to be Gen_2:25 “ both naked, Adam and his wife, and were not ashamed. “, as we see the isolated thoughts of the Patriarch Adam and of his wife as they were recorded for us to consider, we also see a perfection here in the union of marriage, and upright standing able to be seen before God. When we consider the idea of ‘Naked’, we are not altogether considering nudity, but rather the way the couples stood before God, Upright, as well as the way they stood before one and other as a creation designed for each other. Furthermore, while Adam and his wife could have very well been naked in the flesh and not only figuratively, this is normal behavior between married family, and goes with out mention with the context as figurative or symbolic reality. Yet it is my conviction that Adam was made a clothed being, Like YHWH, who his angles or his form is never once mentioned as nude, but rather clothed every time, and as the Law of Moses well expresses as it pertains ‘the uncovering of nakedness’ as an expression of sexual behavior, it is presumed that one it clothed by a natural law of Adamic instinct as well as shows the origin of Lawfull modesty which has been since the formation of Adam. The concept of nakedness thought the Law of God is one that is confined in Lawfull marriage between a man and woman of the same bone and flesh, the same kind, so in this instance we see the foundation for morality as it pertains to procreation and it’s reservation for marriage, that of the unions establishment in unashamed nakedness and unashamed nakedness as being established in marriage itself, both a symbolism of the comfort of our order as man and woman and our dependant yet specific roles we are in our headship order as such, where the husband is honored and reverenced as the head made by God as such and that the woman is honored and reverenced as the weaker vessel and the one in whom life will grow due to her natural formation.  

So in Genesis chapter 2 we had an up right situation, a beautiful situation: Adam kind of males and females made not ashamed, bone of bone and flesh of flesh, able to to be fruitful and to multiply.



A little review and contemplation:


Yet before the instant when Adam woman is made there was a section which we had to some extant skipped over last week, and it is to that we must look back as we move forward:



Gen 2:8  And YHWH God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the ADaM whom he had formed. 

Gen 2:9  And out of the ground made YHWH God  to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.




(15)  And YHWH God took them, the Adam, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it.

(16)  And YHWH God commanded Adam* (the man), saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat:

(17)  But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.


In the last message it was mentioned how we look at the super-natural part of Adam-man, and in a sense we did already look at that, here where we read.

In this pre-woman history, men are given land to dwell in ‘Eden’, we are told nothing yet specific about the tree of life or lit. Lives, but that it is in Eden, yet there is only one thing that is given as law in this pleasant place, that is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and perhaps like a poison the tree of G&E is deadly, or perhaps it is more like a dangerous place that may cave in or perhaps both, nevertheless death is never spoken of prior to this.

It is evident that we eat for sustenance, and we till for sustenance, to live, thus the scripture has concluded that man was in his creation in a state need, and was not self sufficient as it regards immortality, thus we have the trees for food general, and the tree of life spiritual and we have the forbidden tree of Good and Evil, not-Evil alone, yet evil is only known by what is good and what is good by what is evil, the apostle Paul said it thus: Rom 7:7  … I had not known sin, but by the law: for I had not known lust, except the law had said, Thou shalt not covet. 


This Land where Adam Folk were set to tend and till, there was grown pleasant or coveted crops and trees, beautiful in sight, good for food, as well in ADaM’s native land were 2 very special trees: Life, and Knowledge: of course we know Knowledge teaches Good and Evil.

The Hebrew word HMaD is the word here for pleasant, yet elsewhere in Scripture it is translated Coventousness, thus this epic of our forefathers is indeed the first reference to the neutral idea of coveting or lust as is found in the 10th Commandment. Neutral because it is at this point not negative morally, nor do we have a command that limits the amount by which a person my desire or covet, lust after a pleasant thing, only that we know YHWH God planted this Garden so that men may have pleasure in what he tends and tills.


According to Gen_2:9 this tree which is forbidden, The Knowledge of Good and Evil, is a pleasant or coveted tree, but it’s effect is death to ADaM in the day he eats of it.

This is where at this time ADaM is in the Garden of the Lord, he is given provisions of food, yet he is required even at this time work, tend or till this Garden to maintain his life, as well ADaM is given dominion.

YHWH God tells the ADaM, ‘it’s all yours except for that tree, that 1 tree is mine, you can have all the others and the tree of Life, but that one tree is mine alone’ As creator YHWH God has this Right of course to reserve for Himself anything he desired, and what YHWH desired was the knowledge of Good and Evil reserved to Himself, it was His property, and stigma attached to that tree, regardless of what the opinion on the physical make up of that tree is, it’s stigma is it’s YHWH’s, He coveted it to be His Own, His pleasure, delight or covetousness, it was His property, it was His plain and simple.



Regardless of the view we take of what the fruit and the trees are, I take them as figurative reality, that is that the same outcome will result if God’s law, his command: Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat: But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it… by this command or law sin is known, and worse the outcome is known. Some have supposed that ADaM had no knowledge of death, thus he didn’t understand, yet again consider that the law which God was speaking from was part of ADaMs being like God, he was aware of the punishment or else so much here would be unintelligible in speaking of death. In this acknowledgment of God’s Likeness we can notice that ADaM and his wife here after, whom ADaM would have explained this command to her as well has a faculty which is as well made in the likeness of God as said plainly in Gen_1:26; yet here we see the order of family in that Adam was first formed and in the langue in Gen_2:23 as Adam claimed her as part of his body, thus giving him governance, as well in that it would have been told of the command to the woman from Adam.


James 1:21  For which thing caste ye away all uncleaness, and plentee of malice, and in mildnesse receive ye the word that is planted, that may save your souls.

22  But be ye doers of the word, and not hears only, deceiving your selves.

23  For if ony man is an hearer of the word, and not a doer, this shall be likened to a man that beholdeth the cheer of his birth (Genesis / γενέσεως) in a mirour;

24  for he beheld him self, and went away, and anon he forgat which he was.

25 But he that beholdeth in the law of perfect freedom, and dwelleth in it, and is not made a forgetful herer, but a doer of work, this shall be blessed in his deed.


Wycliffe bible 1394- modernized

Don’t forget your Genesis Face after you look at your self through the Law


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