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This Page is a place for listing the publications you can receive from


   To acquire a publication you must send a minimum 20.00($) donation for the printed medium in booklet form as well S&H, all proceeds go towards the furtherance of the life ministry of Bro. JS Lowther.

   If you find material on any of our blog posts “Sabbath Bible Studies” or other online material through this web site you may request that material printed in booklet format aswell for the same minimum donation of 20.00($). The only difference is that the Hadling time will be longer.

If you are a regular weekly, monthly or yearly supported all you need to do is ask and we will have your requested publication sent to you ASAP!

This is a book first put by Br. Dwayne McIntyre out in the early 2000’s to help those desiring to understand the biblical significance of keeping Passover purely from the bible. The original compilation with index is all their only having been edited and doctrinally commented by Br. JS Lowther. (THIS PUBLICATION is available for request, to be shipped after the 11th New Moon of the YEAR 2020 /aka March 1st  2021)










This book is a compilation of Scripture from the whole of God’s Word, starting with Genesis 1 to show the Spiritual ordination and organic composition of Lawful Church Government as it naturally exists in the families of God’s Covenant people. This study mostly corresponds to the  Audio Messages “Church Government”








If you  have any more questions please send us an email at servant@renewedcovenantministry.com

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