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13th month this year and its necessity every so often (4-12-2020-21)

Greetings from RNCM,
Brother Lowther put this together this year in hopes that it will provoke your thoughts and bring you to an understanding of why we do what we do.
The 13th month
It happens every so often, and this yea is one of those ‘so oftens’ ;)
Many people do not like the way nature responds to the heavens light as determined by YHWH God almighty.
And another sort of folks just don’t understand what people are doing because of what they believe God is communicating through His these means.
The sun has a cycle wherein it moves from one point back to that same point in relationship to the earth in about 365.25… days
We call this a solar year
While the moon has cycles that are monthly at a space of 29.18 to about 29.93 days. making an average of about 29.4 these are called Month (old Germanic English moon-ths) or lunations. it is the period of time it take to get “from one New Moon to another” (See Isaiah 66:23), the sun and moon at the times of New Moon are like hands on a clock (the min. hand and hr. hand lining up on the ‘hour’.
So 12 of these Moonths will ‘fit’ inside of a solar year more often than not, but on years like this year they will not.
Also we have sidereal cycle which marks the placement of a star or group of stars (constellations) in relationship to the suns position in the heavens or the stars relationship to a marker on earth.
Because the Stars (sidereal) marker functions like a back drop to the sun and moon, like the numbers on a clock, with the sun and moon as the hands of a clock, all hands are not in the ‘hour’ or ‘tabernacle’ of a particular constellation, a sign used to mark times of the agricultural year on earth.
Why agriculture?
Well the lights of heaven have scientific affects on the plant and animal life of earth.
For instance Barley in the green ear (Abib in Hebrew) reacts to photosynthesis, this is the affect of light that causes plant life to produce the needed growth to mature to the next stages, in the case of Barley it must produce an ear and the green ear (abib) will then harden into a grain which is among the first cereal grains civilized man harvests to produce sustenance for man and beast.
This year like all 13th years, our Barley is not ripe enough to call it Abib / green ears it has no green ears yet, but rather looks like grass at this time.
This means the wheat which follows the Barley as a cereal grain is also behind at a stage regulated by photosynthesis as well.
Wheat is what is celebrated at the feast of weeks or Pentecost also call in Scripture the ‘first fruits of the wheat harvest.
Abib Barley is the first fruit and is waved before God 2 days after Passover / Christ’s resurrection day !
And 36 days after the wave sheaf of Barley (50 days from the morrow after the 9th day of the 1st month) the first fruit of wheat is ready for harvest according to the act of photosynthesis as produced by the lights of Heaven: the Sun, Moon and Stars.
While many people keep biblical festivals simply for memorial when you watch agriculture work as the bible speaks of it and shows YHWH God is the LORD and bonds the People of the Covenant Keeping God to their faithful Covenant Keeping GOD all the more in seeing him as the sustainer of all life.
Come Next month the Sun with the New Moon will be in the constellation of the Ram / Aries, which is the marker point for our Abib every year in our region of the Ohio River Valley, therefore this month is a 13th month as the Sun and New Moon have not occurred in the appointed sign of the stars which marks the growth of our Agricultural year in fact.
Many Blessings,
JS Lowther
Worship and Bible studies are held every Sabbath (This 13th month on mondays) at 10:00am, please feel free to contact us if you are interested in attendance at servant@renewedcovenantministry.com
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Foremost I know that I am a chief sinner saved by Grace. I am a servant of YHWH Almighty the one true God Who is Father, Son and Spirit. I believe in God's only begotten and perfect Son Jesu(s) Christ whose redemption power of my soul I have Faith in and testify of. Having been redeemed by the blood of Christ, I wish to no longer spend my time in the lusts of the flesh and of this world, but to promote the Gospel of the Kingdom by means of the knowledge of the New Covenant, a reNewal of the Covenant God made with his people Israel in the blood of Christ (Jer 31:31 and Heb 8:8) whereby He writes His Law upon the Heart and Mind beside the forgiveness of sin and transgressions. I believe Christ Jesus is the incarnate Son of God as the WORD made flesh, and the son of man born of the virgin Mary conceived of the Holy Spirit: I believe Christ Jesus Lived a perfect life for us as a living sacrifice as well as a pattern of the Sanctified newness of life a believer has in Him, I believe Christ Jesus died a cursed death on the Cross for His people of Covenant who are sinners, and I believe in Christ Jesus who Resurrected with power from Death from the grave to Justify the offenders. This is the same Jesus who is indeed the Son of David and king of Israel, who is both LORD and Christ over all the kings and dominions of the earth! In the fullness of time YHWH will regather his people under the Head of the Church, Jesu(s) Christ to affect his will according to the Lord's prayer, Psalm 2, 8 and 110 as well as Genesis 1:26. The focus of my administration of the Gospel is like unto my Lord's who said "I have come not but for the lost sheep of the house of Israel.."(Mathew 15:24), and so I have come to my European kinsman according to the flesh. It is my mission to show the Israel of God the Salvation which is taught by Scripture Alone and offered in all ages by Grace Alone through Faith Alone in the work of Christ Alone to the Glory of GOD Alone. As a modern day Puritan separatist it is my goal to purify the church of Christ with Faith heretofore stated. I am studying to show my self approved, if you have any questions just ask!

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